Basics of SEO for Online PR

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SEO can be an important part of the PR strategy for a brand. The goal of SEO is to enable search engines to match relevant content to user search queries. It also returns the content of a business as high on the results page as possible, preferably on the first page of results. SEO professionals always try to add the latest tweaks that get search engine attention. Additionally, there are some core strategies that help a website and other online content make the most of search engine visibility.

The truth that cannot be ignored is that users rarely read beyond the first one or two pages of search results, and most never got beyond the first page. The job of SEO is to ensure that the online content of a business meets the relevancy requirements of search engines so that this content surfaces near the top of search results. Though there is a frequent change of algorithms, there are two basics at the core of SEO: relevancy and freshness. By optimizing the content for relevant queries, SEO can get users to a site. To achieve SEO goals, PR can be a useful asset when used correctly. Brands that employ creative ways to get mentions in coverage–whether that’s through news coverage or contributed articles– can establish their presence for keywords. This will enhance brand recognition and authority. To reach potential customers, there are a few SEO basics that have to be followed, as stated below.

Create relevance – Relevant content closely matches the keywords typed by the user. However, consumers rarely think in the same words or terms that business owners use. Consumers avoid industry jargon and resort to more generic terms. The solution here is to find out how the average audience would search for a particular type of product or business, and then use those words frequently throughout the online content of a business. Tools such as Google Keyword Tool make it considerably easy to find out how many searches are made on many popular terms. PR can use keywords strategically and earn backlinks.

Freshness- Search engines also look for sites that are frequently updated. Sites that are not updated on a regular basis drop in the search algorithm as they are not as fresh and are therefore not considered to be relevant. Regularly adding product news, upcoming events, and accomplishments can also create freshness.

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