Bateman Group: PR Agency Profile

Bateman Group, or, as it’s known today, Mission North, is a communications agency for the companies that are shaping the world’s future. The agency was established in 2003, under the name Bateman Group, however, after a change in executive leadership at the beginning of 2020, it was rebranded as Mission North.

This is a communications agency that mainly works with technology companies, and has an audience-first approach. The agency guides its clients at every stage throughout any big moments that can impact any business or brand. As the challenge to capture an audience’s attention increases with each passing day, with the advance of devices and content, Mission North is there to help their clients overcome that challenge.

The agency does this by combining public relations, social media along with digital marketing, in a way that drives impactful as well as engaging campaigns for their clients, across all forms of earned and paid media. The ultimate goal for this communications agency is to use various PR, social media, and digital marketing tools to craft PR campaigns that will inspire people.

Mission North invests in its own people because the agency believes that this is the way that it can make the biggest impact with the work it does. This agency embodies its intention of making a positive impact with its drive to keep innovating and growing. The agency was built around the belief that any story can change the narrative whenever the right audience gets behind and starts supporting that story.

Additionally, Mission North is an agency that is always thinking about the future of the public relations and communications industry, along with the evolving roles of shaping businesses, brands, and movements. With the countless number of ways that companies can reach their target audiences nowadays, the agency understands the struggle of a business engaging with an audience in a meaningful way.

This is why the team on-board Mission North strives to really understand the target audience of all the clients they work with, know how the audience gets its information, and then create stories and deliver them to the audience in a way that will truly inspire them.

Fred Bateman founded Bateman Group and worked hard to create an excellent agency with a set of professional PR experts whose ultimate goal is to gain the trust of their clients while also always giving back to the community. He stepped down and was replaced by co-CEOs Bill Bourdon and Tyler Perry.

Bill Bourdon has over two decades of experience working and partnering with various technology companies at every stage of their growth and has a talent for turning creative ideas into impactful solutions.

Tyler Perry, with over two decades of experience providing strategic counsel to brands as well as startups, has a passion for telling stories about the companies she works with, as well as how those companies are changing the way that the world works.

Aside from working with big businesses and small startups, Mission North has also established its own philanthropy program named E3thos, with the aim of giving back to the community in any way that it can.

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