Beginner Social Media Marketing Advice

Building brand awareness around a company and its products or services through various social media platforms is the core of social media marketing. The end goal of any social media marketing campaign can be to increase traffic to a company’s website, increase product or service visibility, find more customers, or simply to get more followers on those platforms.

These days social media platforms have become the fastest way for companies to spread the word to their customers about any new products and services. Additionally, millions of people around the world spend quite a bit of their time on social media platforms every single day, which means the best way to find consumers is through social media platforms. Social media has also turned into one of the most popular and useful sales channels for companies, as they’re able to share any type of messages that can make them go viral in minutes, compared to sharing news via print or TV ads.

Choosing the Right Platform

Companies that are at the beginning of their marketing campaigns should be starting out by choosing one or at most two different platforms to focus on, instead of trying to navigate every platform at the same time. This is one of the most common mistakes for beginners which leads to many quitting their marketing efforts without seeing any benefits.

A great way to find out which social media platform is best suited to a company’s niche is to find relevant influencers  and analyze where they have the most success. For example, an apparel startup should start out by looking for influencers in that niche, and watching which platform has given them the most followers. Whichever platform has given them the most followers means that the company is also going to have a lot more success on that platform. That also means that platform is a viable option as well as an efficient way to engage with target audiences.

Company Website and Social Media

Once a company has set up its social media profiles, it should connect the business website to all of those profiles. Usually, for social media, this means adding the link to the company’s website in the relevant fields.

Aside from that, companies should also add buttons on the website itself that will lead to every social media platform where the business has a presence. This will allow consumers to easily find the accounts of the business, which will help the company increase their number of followers and reach more people.


Most of the time, companies tend to focus on increasing the number of followers they have, but they tend to forget to follow the people that have already followed them . Additionally, most social media platforms have rules in place that will not allow users to spam the platform. 

This means there’s a limit on the number of people one account can follow, the number of posts it can make, or the number of likes it can give out every day. That also means businesses should take it slow and be patient instead of trying to rush to get results by breaking the rules of those platforms.

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