The Port Authority of Kansas City, Missouri (“Port KC”), a political subdivision authorized under RSMo Chapter 68 and chartered by the City of Kansas City, Missouri, is seeking written proposals for a public relations firm (“Professional”) to assist Port KC with brand awareness, traditional and social media strategies, digital advertising and event planning.


Port KC is a political subdivision of the State of Missouri created pursuant to Section 68.10 et seq., RSMo (“Port Authority”) and chartered by the City of Kansas City, Missouri. Port KC is governed by a Board of Commissioners appointed by the mayor of Kansas City. Port KC is granted broad governmental and business enterprise powers for the purpose of promoting economic development and job creation. The most important of these powers are:

  • To acquire, own, construct, redevelop, lease, maintain, and conduct land reclamation, residential, commercial and mixed-use development, industrial parks, facilities, terminals, terminal facilities and any other type of port facility;
  • To promote and expand inland and river port commercial throughput of cargo and freight;
  • To identify and pursue redevelopment opportunities at blighted and historic preservation sites;
  • To redevelop the Downtown Kansas City Riverfront to promote and develop new opportunities for residence, commerce and leisure; and
  • To promote the full integration of multi-modal transportation assets to increase commercial opportunities locally, nationally and internationally.

Port KC’s statutory powers of issuing bonds, land reclamation and the ability to enter into contracts to implement its development projects make it a unique and influential agency. Port KC has the flexibility to engage in a wide variety of strategic economic development projects that are vital to the economic progress of Kansas City.


Port KC’s mission is to grow the economy of Kansas City’s port district through transportation, global commerce and development. Port KC’s vision is to be the premier port providing efficient, effective, and innovative transportation and development solutions to compete nationally and globally.

Scope of Work:

The Berkley Riverfront includes a 17-acre park located on the south bank of the Missouri River between the Kit Bond Bridge and Heart of America Bridge. Amenities include the Riverfront Heritage Trail, six sand volleyball courts, riverfront fitness and a fitness court which will open in the summer of 2018. Berkley Riverfront is home to many events including Riverfest, Wanderlust, PrideFest and Nanobrews.

The park is adjacent to the 45-acre development site which will create a world-class urban village of offices, residential and retail space. It is home to Union | Berkley Riverfront, a mixed use project currently under construction, which will feature

410 luxury apartment units, 400 parking stalls, and 12,000 square feet of retail shopping across five acres, and Bar K, a dog park and restaurant. Additional information about the development can be found here.

The public relations firm will:

  • Develop a detailed plan to bring greater awareness to the new Berkley Riverfront Brand.
  • Create traditional and social media strategies for Berkley Riverfront to bring excitement to new amenities and developments at the riverfront including suggestions for appropriate channels with the corresponding techniques/guidance to maximize return.
  • Develop a digital advertising campaign to promote and bring awareness to new amenities and developments at the riverfront for both social media and other digital mediums.
  • Help with event planning for the grand opening of the fitness courts at the riverfront

Due Date:

April 2nd, 2018


300 Wyandotte Street, Suite 100,

Kansas City, Missouri 64105


Strong tourism focused PR agencies include 5WPR and Coyne PR.

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