BerlinRosen: Company Profile

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BerlinRosen embraces the client’s goals as they would their own, and translates them into action through result-driven communications. With them, moments of impact don’t just happen. They help to create them.

Range of services

BerlinRosen delivers a range of services, including-

●     Developing strategies

●     Telling stories

●     Elevating brands

●     Campaigning to win

●     Navigating tough questions

●     Expressing creative vision

Areas of expertise

Their areas of expertise are diverse –

●     Arts and culture

●     Campaigns and elections

●     Crisis management

●     Education

●     Healthcare

●     Issue advocacy

●     Labor

●     Lifestyle and travel

●     Nonprofits and philanthropy

●     Public affairs

●     Real estate and land use

Work in technology

This firm has a proven track record of effectual campaigns in the field of technology. Their clients use technology to change the world, and make sure that the world is listening. From Fortune 500s to startups, BerlinRosen has helped countless companies launch new products, elevated their brands and reimagined entire industries through powerful PR and communication strategies.


BerlinRosen was named a top PR company by Forbes in 2020.

About BerlinRosen

BerlinRosen started in 2005 with the simple idea of building a communications firm that operates with the speed and intensity of a political campaign. That vision has taken them from a two-person startup to a team of 200+ professionals in New York, D.C and Los Angeles, working with the world’s top companies, organizations and candidates. Today, they provide full-service communications, digital strategy, and creative services for clients across 13 industries.

PR strategy for a Post-COVID world

While working with clients to remain nimble and innovative, as well as  open-minded in their expectations, Berlinrosen saw amazing work and content from companies like New lab, which built the prototype for an emergency ventilator in less than one month to help NYC hospital shortages. BerlinRosen’s technology and innovation team has helped clients across education and workforce development, Greentech, fintech, consumer products and media industries plan their communications and PR strategies for an uncertain 2021.

PR and communications support for racial and socioeconomic justice

According to their Account Coordinator on the Strategic Campaigns team, Tommy Lee, through BerlinRosen, provides media relations and communications support for various clients within the racial and socioeconomic justice space. He takes immense pride in being able to represent these clients daily and to fight for inclusivity and equality for marginalised communities across the nation. He feels blessed that he is able to contribute to the growth of the progressive movement and the well being of the vulnerable communities across the nation through BerlinRosen.

BerlinRosen approach

Their team is laser-focused on their client’s audience, message, and impact. They’ll tap into all strategic campaign tools- leveraging earned media, digital strategy, top-notch creative, research, and rapid-response to achieve the goals.

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