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The SEMI Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization founded in 2001 to support education and career awareness in the electronics and high-tech fields through career exploration programs and scholarships. SEMI High Tech U for high school students and SEMI High Tech U Teacher Edition are SEMI Foundation’s flagship programs.

SEMI Foundation is looking for a social media agency with a proven understanding of STEM, education, and high-tech stakeholders. Objectives include to:

  1. Build the Foundation’s credibility as a reliable source of information and quality programs relating to high-tech, electronics, semiconductor and STEM education tracks
  1. Establish the Foundation as an entity that provides valuable industry exposure and workforce development outreach
  1. Improve student recruitment by demonstrating the value the Foundation brings to them in an age and audience-appropriate fashion.
  1. Showcase the value the Foundation brings to sponsors who support our programs (financially and in–kind), especially as it relates to public recognition for their support and connection to the SEMI Foundation

SEMI High Tech U provides high school students with an industry-led introduction to the high tech industry. The programs consist of a three-day “hands-on” science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) based curricula and interactive professional skills development program. Students come away with valuable knowledge about potential career paths and education requirements to meet their goals. SEMI High Tech U Teacher Edition gives classroom educators the opportunity to have a two-day, hands- on learning experience about the electronics, semiconductor, high tech and alternative energy industries. It provides practical applications of STEM skills for classroom instruction and curriculum. Industry professionals volunteer their time to present SEMI High Tech U, STEM-based modules.

Through High Tech U, the SEMI Foundation has conducted more than 190 programs for both students and teachers with a combined impact on more than 350,000 individuals. In 2015, the SEMI Foundation held 18 programs in Europe, Japan, Korea and the United States. The Foundation plans to expand the scope of the High Tech U through certified partner programs, enhanced program development, portal- based student engagement and tracking, information assistance and other improvements.

Proposals are due by March 18, 2016 to:

SEMI Foundation

c/o Leslie Tugman, Executive Director

3081 Zanker Road San Jose, CA 95134, USA Phone: 408.943.6918


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