Best video conferencing tools

Video conferencing has become indispensable in bringing the modern workforce together. For a working environment that promotes growth, goal attainment, and collaboration, businesses would need advanced video conferencing resources. As a dominant means of communication in today’s workplace, video conferencing is influencing corporate culture appreciably. Work is not limited to 9-to-5 anymore, flexibility is the new norm.

1)      Zoom – Zoom’s handiness and tiered pricing make it a popular choice. It’s usage plans help teams manage their time and it’s just one click to participate in any meeting. As a video conferencing service, it has steadily risen to the top, all thanks to the new social distancing culture. In low bandwidth environments teams can connect and collaborate meaningfully.

2)      Microsoft Teams – Microsoft Teams has many helpful video conferencing features. It functions as a communication center, where users can arrange 1080p calls with up to 250 members. This also includes the ability to share screens and record calls. The  Microsoft Team app for mobile device users enables users to meet and collaborate on the move. With office workers around the world working from home, brainstorming, working on documents or conducting video meetings on Teams have gained importance.

3)      Google Meet – Google Meet is appropriate for businesses of all sizes. One needs to have a Gmail account to gain access to it.Since audio and video streams are specially encrypted, meetings are secure. Its easy integration enables organizers to set up meetings effortlessly.

4)      GoToMeeting – GoToMeeting is a dependable option for businesses. It has an array of features like HD video, screen sharing and SSL encryption for security. A handy feature of this tool is unlimited cloud recording for both Business and Enterprise plans. It also has detailed fine-tuning settings. For example, the powerline frequency,which helps to reduce flicker on monitors with low refresh rates.

5)      Glip by RingCentral – RingCentral is yet another tool available for team collaboration. Keeping the current, composite business environments in mind, this tool allows users to meet directly from their web browsers without the need to download an application. However, the meeting host must use the Glip app. There is a generous cloud recording allowance , helpful for training and brainstorming and it includes calendar, tasks, and collaborative commenting on files.

6)      ClickMeeting –  This tool has abundant features for webinar hosts. It has robust capabilities as it allows screen sharing, playing slideshows and videos and even lets attendees take over the mouse in an attempt to create an interactive experience. It includes automated follow ups which help to make the most of webinars. They offer a ‘white label’ service for people who do not like corporate signs except their own.

7)      BlueJeans Meetings – Instead of a free tier BlueJeans offers a 30-day free trial. The quality of audio and video is superior. All meetings include dial-in numbers. A room system, calendar support, and additional hours of recording are included in its additional plans. It supports Dolby voice and allows free phone audio in over 40 countries.

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