Beyond the Trend, What’s here to Stay in Marketing 

Trends on social media are constantly changing, and many companies have had trouble keeping up, as well as deciding whether or not a trend is relevant for their business. However, there are certain trends that emerged in the past decade that have decidedly outlasted the ephemeral nature of a trend and are here to stay. Here, we explore two of them that businesses should know about. 

Short video content

Social media feeds and consumer attention have been taken over by short video content on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. This type of content format is only going to continue to grow in popularity and companies that haven’t joined in should do so as soon as possible, especially as it is seen favorably in the eyes of the algorithm. Fortunately, social media scheduling platforms and other social media management tools have begun to catch up and are allowing users to use the technology for this type of content, which means companies will have a much easier time planning out their content and sharing it in the coming year. If a company hasn’t incorporated short video content into its mix, it will be essential to rethink that in 2023 and add it as a key part of its content strategy.


As it has been in the last few years, so too will the coming year be filled with influencers and influencer marketing campaigns, though the landscape continues to get more crowded. Even so, one of the best ways for companies to get in front of their target audiences and grab their attention is going to continue to be influencer marketing campaigns. Though many influencers have been focused on building up bigger audiences, that may not always be the best choice for all influencer marketing campaigns. In fact, many influencer campaigns are just as successful, if not more successful depending on the objective, by working with those accounts that have a smaller number of followers, as their followers tend to be highly engaged and often more likely to make a purchase via a link or a unique code that is shared by the influencer.

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