BizCom Associates and BizComPR Agency Profile

Founded in 1999, BizCom has since supported a wide range of businesses from banking to legal services and technology to real estate services. The firm specializes in full-service public relations and marketing communications. 

Under the leadership of its CEO and Co-founder, Scott White, the agency has made its name representing many companies like 9round, Blue Frog, New Method Wellness, Allen Americans professional hockey team, and many others.

By using strategic marketing communication campaigns, digital marketing, design, and publishing divisions, BizCom can effectively tell your brand’s story while increasing awareness and connecting with customers. 

From award-winning customer service to harnessing the power of PR, BizCom Associates and BizComPR are dynamic, innovative, and creative. The goal is to help promote products/services worldwide while aiming to provide quality, cost-effectiveness, and the best value for all suppliers.

Unique Services

Headquartered in Texas, the BizCom offers an exceptional array of award-winning marketing and communication services, including:

1.Public and Media Relations

The agency helps companies of all sizes drive and promote products or services, boosting media presence and relevance to the intended audience.

Media relation services BizCom team includes increased brand exposure, social media awareness, marketing programs, etc. BizCom aimed to help young start-ups, established multinationals, and all in-between strategies to increase brand exposure. 

2.Crisis Communications

BizCom can help set guidelines for an emergency or unplanned event. These plans or guidelines help identify a crisis when it first emerges, communicate with the public,, and prevent the issue from occurring again. 

With customized plans tailored to the business of the client, BizCom helps protect your company. In a crisis, a brand may face a public challenge to its reputation. Helping a company’s long-term brand strategy, BizCom realizes that protecting your image is just as important as creating it. Preparing for a business’s worst case scenario, hopefully, to prevent it from ever happening.

3. Publishing and Social Media

Social Media, with real time messaging, helps amplify messages and helps PR be more impactful. With social media being ubiquitously used among consumers, it can be an important tool in getting products or services covered in the media. 

Bizcom will use influencer marketing to help PR, interact with consumers, make a brand social media friendly, and many more services. Using all this information, BizCom knows what consumers pay attention to, helps keep companies relevant, has positive coverage to keep consumer attention, and has a better chance of spreading the word about services/products offered.

4. Other Services

The agency’s other services include online media and marketing, marketing materials, ghostwriting, digital media marketing, social media marketing, and influencer campaigns.

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