BLAST Media: Public Relations and SaaS Brands


BLAST Media is a highly specialized PR agency in the US, which has a holistic PR approach that is able to affect many business levels for clients. The agency helps clients through media coverage that generates results and creates an impact, thought leadership, and creative content development. That way, BLAST Media is able to help its SaaS clients grow and succeed in their business operations in measurable ways.

This is an agency whose core focus is thought leadership. media relations,  and a number of other capabilities for its B2B SaaS clients. However, the fact that this is a highly specialized agency in the public relations industry means that clients can benefit from BLAST Media’s understanding of the unique consumer journeys, which can help in reaching the client’s business goals.

BLAST Media offers its clients both expertise in public relations as well as a unique perspective on SaaS marketing, including setting expectations that are based on previous experience and utilizing best practices. The agency also works on providing context when it comes to reporting on results and generally working with companies in the SaaS industry that have similar growth stages and potential issues.

Since BLAST Media is already partnered with numerous industry-leading organizations such as the Empowered CMO Network, the Cloud Software Association, as well as plenty of VS firms, it’s able to help clients stay on top of industry trends. The agency is also able to provide its clients with a large list of connections with other collaborators.

BLAST Media’s public relations strategy has been developed together with sales, marketing, executive, and product teams for optimal business impact. It’s not simply created together with marketing strategies.  Instead, it’s been made to truly influence employees, partners, investors, and consumers.

Since it’s a tech-enabled agency, BLAST Media works on investing in advanced solutions that are able to measure, analyze, and report the performance of every client’s campaign. All of the results are tracked and then delivered in an agile PR dashboard so clients have full transparency on the work that the agency does for them.

Companies in the SaaS industry that are looking for PR campaigns( and much more) can benefit from working with BLAST Media. This is an agency that provides its clients with a variety of services and capabilities.

BLAST Media offers clients media relations services, with capabilities ranging between national, vertical, and trade media coverage, including digital, print and online media. There are also podcast interviews, company features, announcements about leadership and growth or products, newsjacking or reactive opportunities for press, HARO response management, customer stories, and software product reviews.

This is an agency that’s dedicated to companies in the B2B SaaS industry, which is why it helps clients in both creating and uncovering opportunities for them to be a part of the target media’s news cycles. The agency is there to help deliver meaningful media coverage which can then be leveraged for business value. Furthermore, the agency is also able to secure coverage that helps clients gain visibility through contributed content, product reviews, data reports, and more. This is because the team at the agency actually relates to the media, which means they go beyond writing and distributing press releases.

With the thought leadership service, clients can benefit from capabilities such as media interviews and media training, category predictions, and executive story mining. With this service, clients can also pursue contributed content or bylined article placements, speaking and award program management, and client data and owned-asset campaigns such as reports, whitepapers, or eBooks.

Many companies in the SaaS industry are already operating in a crowded market, which means plenty of those businesses tend to copy each other when it comes to making statements. However, that generates more thought followers instead of thought leaders in the industry, which is why BLAST Media works beyond copying others, and instead helps clients participate and lead conversations into the mainstream, which helps position brands as industry experts. By creating a robust thought leadership strategy, including media coverage, analyst relations, and speaking opportunities, the team at the agency is able to raise the visibility of its clients, increase client retention, and generate more credibility for the client’s brand.

BLAST Media’s content creation services can help clients with their press releases, blog content support, speaking abstracts, and award submissions. The capabilities for this service also include bylined articles or executive ghostwriting for contributed content opportunities, social media content support, and media Q&As.

Another core segment of public relations is content creation, and in the current era when companies are able to deliver messages to the public with the push of a button, BLAST Media understands the importance of impactful content. The value of the content itself is just as important as where it’s been published for the clients, which means the team at the agency develops content that’s able to resonate with the client’s customers, partners, investors, and employees. The content is able to influence search rankings and web traffic, nurture leads through their buyer journeys, drive social shares, and more.

Finally, the agency’s measurement services give clients comprehensive quarterly reports, keyword usage for SEO value, and access to a real-time PR dashboard for transparency. Additionally, the capabilities also include Share of Voice against competitors, quality of coverage including backlinks and domain authority, as well as Google Analytics reporting, including new users, sessions, referral traffic, goal completions, and more.

BLAST Media is a PR agency that has a thorough understanding of the unique journeys that SaaS consumers make, and it’s able to secure a lot of meaningful and valuable press coverage for its clients; coverage which is able to influence the decision-making process of their consumers along the way. Numerous businesses and corporations in the B2B SaaS industry have made the decision to work with BLAST Media and benefit from the agency’s services and capabilities. Some of those clients include Moogsoft, 250ok, MOZ, Cheetah Digital, Ontario Systems, Scout, 6 Sense, Smartling, Boardable, and plenty more.

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