Boardroom PR: PR Firm Profile

Boardroom PR: PR Firm Profile

Boardroom PR is a public relations specialist agency responsible for crafting creative campaigns that combine traditional and modern media strategies. For Boardroom PR, success is all about generating the right coverage on any channel for their customers, which include nonprofits, finance and banking, legal, insurance, real estate, technology, healthcare, and education companies.

Boardroom PR regularly make the most of the growing importance of online content and social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook when developing strategies for clients. The organization also develops websites with incorporated search engine marketing tools to support search engine optimization and pay-per-click marketing campaigns.

BoardRoom PR Leadership and Clients:

The team responsible for BoardRoom PR prides itself on attracting some of the highest-quality clients in the world of public relations and media. Julie Talenfeld is the President of Boardroom PR – the company she is also responsible for founding in 1989. Her skills in social media, advertising, and public relations evolve consistently to suit the trends of the modern marketplace.

BoardRoom PR clients expect the best from their team, and this organization works hard to meet those expectations. The brand has performed alongside countless clients in the philanthropic and business community of South Florida. The companies and firms represented by this brand are hand-picked for their willingness to work in a creative environment with a communications partner.

Some of the clients working with BoardRoom PR include HeartWell, Gale Residencies, Poinciana Villages, and the FPCA.

BoardRoom PR Perks and Problems:

The BoardRoom PR business thrives on high-quality professionalism. The eagerness and energy that runs through the veins of this company is what helps to keep the firm so competitive in a saturated marketplace. The media and employees alike recognize this thirst for success.

BoardRoom PR carefully creates a working environment designed to be as stimulating, all-inclusive and inviting as possible for their employees. Not only do they consistently search for the best marketing and PR experts to join their team, but they offer those on board the chance to work with a unique and diverse roster of new clients all the time. Many members of the BoardRoom PR leadership team are former executives in the marketing space or people with journalism backgrounds.

Candidates interested in joining the BoardRoom PR team can find out more about the company on their LinkedIn profile,

Getting a Job with BoardRoom PR:

Currently, BoardRoom PR don’t have a jobs page or career section available on their website for people interested in joining the team to browse through. This means that those who want to get a job with this company will either need to build a connection through professional social media campaigns or get in touch with the brand directly.

Since many of the team members with BoardRoom PR started their careers as successful journalists, it makes sense that history in marketing might go a long way towards helping individuals to get a role with this business. Interested applicants can reach out to the business on their contact page:

BoardRoom PR Miscellaneous:

BoardRoom PR don’t just focus on working with the biggest and best companies in their space, they also have a philanthropic streak too. As a local company, the organization believes in working closely with nearby charities and causes that have an impact on their friends, families, and the people they know.

Every account representative and executive on the BoardRoom PR team currently serves on at least one non-profit organization strategy and many works with several brands at a time.

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