Proposals Due: 12 noon, April 25




Overview. The Authority is soliciting proposals from qualified firms interested in managing the

marketing and sales of the third- party advertising space on the Authority’s BCEC and MMC

Digital Displays as provided herein.

The primary objective is to retain an advertising representative to:

• Assist the Authority with marketing, soliciting, and selling advertising space on the

Digital Displays to national, regional and local third-party advertisers who have an

interest in utilizing the Digital Displays to communicate their message(s) to consumers.

• Administer the advertising program, including contract negotiation with advertisers and

financial administration.


The services provided by the selected Proposer shall include the following:

1. The selected Proposer will provide a written strategy for generating revenue from the

BCEC and MMC Digital Displays.

2. The selected Proposer will develop a Sales and Marketing Plan (the “Plan”) with the

objective of maximizing revenues generated from Third-Party Advertising.

3. The selected Proposer will execute the Plan on behalf of the Authority and be

responsible, for the solicitation of potential national, regional and local third-party

advertisers, either directly or through their respective agencies (“Third Party


4. The selected Proposer will negotiate with Third Party Advertisers for the utilization of

space on the Digital Displays; administer contracts for contracted space on the Digital

Displays; and collect monies from Third Party Advertisers for the utilization of Digital

Displays; and remit agreed upon amounts of monies for the agreed upon contracted use

of Digital Displays.

5. The selected Proposer will, in conjunction with the Authority, verify the contracted

utilization of the Digital Displays.

6. The selected Proposer will handle the business and administrative functions of the

Third-Party Advertising program, including billing, accounting, revenue collections, and

financial reporting.

7. The selected Proposer will provide monthly accounting, financial reporting and year end

reconciliation, inclusive of all contracts with Third Party Advertisers, to the Authority

on an ongoing basis in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices.

8. The selected Proposer will assist the Authority in the reconciliation of any potential

conflicts related to content on the Digital Displays, with the goal of ensuring that the

appropriate balance is maintained among the various types of content on the Digital



Digital Display Content Standards


The Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCCA) has established a set of standards for

all advertising, public service announcements, and promotional/informational content that runs

on its digital displays.

The Digital Display Content Standards were created with these goals in mind:

• Create unique opportunities for Clients who host conventions, exhibitions, and other

events at MCCA properties.

• Maintain a safe and welcoming environment for all MCCA visitors and passers-by,

including minors who might view the digital content; and

• Avoid the false identification of the MCCA or the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with

the displayed content or the viewpoints of its authors.

The MCCA reserves the right to suspend, modify, or revoke the application of any or all of these

standards as it deems necessary to comply with state, local and federal law.

MCCA Operations and Promotions

The MCCA has the right to display on its property 1) content that pertains to MCCA operations

and promotions and 2) other content consistent with these standards, such as public service

announcements, digital art, and more.

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