Bread & Butter: Winning in Food, Drink & Travel

Bread & Butter, a hands-on digital media and public relations agency, specializes in the food, drink, and travel industries. Founded in 2007 by Meredith Vachon and Rachel Mays Ayotte, the agency sought to fill a gap in PR that was: the absence of new, authentic, and innovative approaches to marketing and communication.

Partnering with innovative businesses that inspire the agency to think big while playing small, the agency practices what they preach, ensuring the spirit of hospitality is an ingredient of whatever the agency bakes. The agency incorporates perspectives from waiters, chefs, bartenders, and front desk attendants to better understand any food, drink, or travel brand’s objectives from interacting with clients and media.

Having little differences between work and pleasure, the agency is never too busy to interact with its esteemed clients. That has enabled the PR firm to generate press that increases long-term brand awareness.

Key Services

#1. Food & Beverage PR

Partnering with the most compelling brands across the hospitality industry—including well-known wine and spirit brands, chefs, and distinguished consumer package brands, bars, and restaurants—the agency only works with brands that inspire their operations. With this distinguishing factor, the PR firm crafts bespoke campaigns for each brand’s story and objectives.

Key roles of Bread & Butter’s food and beverage PR service include creating inspired activations and Campaigns, launching new restaurants, product launches, media tours, brand audits and key message development, and managing strategic partnerships and events.

#2. Social Media Marketing

Thanks to the brand’s eye for design and recent trends, Bread & Butter offers highly effective social media strategies and marketing. Ranging from social media management and unique content creation to audience engagement, the award-winning firm helps companies craft messages that their republics can engage with.

Leveraging data-driven analytics and creativity, the firm creates customized social media campaigns that amplify a brand’s message, increases brand awareness, and drives sales.

Notable services in Bread & Butter’s social media marketing service include competitor analysis and reporting, eCommerce and Instagram shop support, social media marketing and management, photography for lifestyle, food and beverage space, and branded partnerships.

#3. Digital Marketing

Be it Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Cost Per Action (CPA), or Urchin Tracking Module (UTM), Bread & Butter’s digital marketing team helps identify and tailor strategies to meet a brand’s marketing objectives. Leveraging a brand’s digital channels— including social media, websites, emails, search engines, and mobile apps—the agency has mastered the art of weaving social elements into all aspects of a brand’s marketing.

Thanks to Bread & Butter’s digital marketing experience, crafting engaging content for a brand’s audience, directing funds strategically towards highly targeted audiences is a key component of the brand’s campaign strategy.

Notable components in Bread & Butter’s digital marketing service include social media advertising, mobile and content marketing, digitally branded partnerships, web optimization, email and e-commerce marketing, and custom lead generation.

#4. Influencer Marketing

Today, influencer marketing has proven to be an effective form of advertising. Matching appropriate influencers with a brand’s objectives is the agency’s bread and butter.

Leveraging the firm’s extensive network of micro and macro-influencers, Bread & Butter works with numerous influencers across marketing verticals and channels. The result: innovative influencer campaigns with highly-engaging and authentic content that’s easily trackable.

Activities that characterize Bread & Butter’s influencer marketing service include revenue sharing programs paid and organic partnerships, macro and micro-influencer marketing, product seeding, shipping and tracking, influencer marketing takeovers, and many more.

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