Bringing Investor Relations and Public Relations Together

Because the purpose of each of these jobs differs in what they do, why they do it, and who they serve, these two divisions often operate independent of each other without any cohesion or cooperation. But, when it comes to getting your brand message across, this can be a mistake. Bringing these divisions together allows your organization to present a complete and interlacing approach.

When an organization faces economic challenges, a collaboration can be especially effective. During economic turmoil, it may be best to allow the investor relations people to lead the way for the PR people. That’s because both in boom and bust times, IR continues doing the same work. But PR has a lot to teach IR in how information is approached and released to others. IR is often about long-term results and messages, while PR needs to constantly adjust and try new approaches to see what works best during different situations.

Where IR communications need to be consistent, PR specialists use the tools of their trade such as steady press releases, helping to keep the tone and content of IR work in a unified approach whether dealing with the public or shareholders. You want to also highlight the strength of your leaders. That helps in communications with shareholders, customers, consumers, and people in your organization. When the message is the same going to all groups, it will serve the organization better and build confidence outside the company.

Use both groups to take advantage of strengths within the company. Anyone with expertise, whether it relates to the brand or public presentation and speaking can be used to promote the company with potential customers, investors, shareholders, and directors. If the skill is speaking and presentation, use that in media releases, investor meetings, social media, and events.

Across the board, all efforts coming from both divisions should show the transparency of information. Don’t forget that necessity during the down times! When people know you are honest and open with them, even when the news isn’t great, they will build a deeper trust in the brand and the leaders. Take the time to look at other leaders in your industry and see how your organization compares. Being honest within your group about where you shine and where you don’t, can help move the brand forward. Sharing those comparisons with investors and shareholders gives them a chance to see what problems or blessings are common among the group and what is unique to your group.

What other ways can you think the two divisions should work better together?

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