BROWNSVILLE PUBLIC UTILITIES BOARD Request for Proposals  For Marketing, Advertising and Crisis Communication Services



Proposals are due January 18, 2023 before 5:00 PM, delivered via mail or courier service, to

the BPUB Purchasing Department, 1155 FM 511, Olmito, TX 78575. Proposals received after

the deadline will not be considered. Proposals will be acknowledged on January 19, 2023 at 11:30 AM.


The selected VENDOR will work with the BPUB Communications & PR and Digital Information

Platforms Managers and staff to:

1. Develop Public Awareness Campaigns for BPUB Special Projects, including but not

limited to: Forensic Examination Report, Electrical Safety, Hurricane Preparedness, and others as assigned;

2. Perform Assessments of current utility’s communications plans;

3. Provide support with BPUB’s communication implementation strategies;

4. Assist with editing, writing, and designing support material for specific programs and/or


5. Provide employee spokesperson and social media interaction training;

6. Review utility’s website and social media platforms and provide recommendations on

enhancements and messaging;

7. Create graphic designs for ongoing projects;

8. Create video for ongoing projects;

9. Conduct weekly meetings with management and staff to review on going communications;

10. Implement Crisis Communications Plan on an as needed basis.


The BPUB anticipates contracting with a marketing, advertising and crisis communication services

agency to develop specific public awareness and education campaigns and provide consulting

services. The campaigns may include, but are not limited to, print advertisements, bill inserts,

posters, press releases, social media, and brochures. Services may also include placement of


Currently, the BPUB has the following communication outreach projects planned within the next

12 months:

1. Rate Adjustments

2. Solar Energy

3. Forensic Examination Report

4. Outage Management System

5. Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) Implementation

6. Drought Contingency Plan

7. Resaca Restoration Project

8. Public Information Pieces

9. Assistance Programs

Additional programs and projects will be conducted during the year on an as needed or requested


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