Building a Conscious Business

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Beyond simply getting profits, plenty of business owners start out with another clear purpose and values that accompany the main purpose, especially when it comes to making any business decisions. As people are constantly changing and evolving, it’s normal for business owners and their companies to want to have their organizations exist in a similar manner.

Put simply, conscious businesses are those that are able to build profit through values, according to Fred Kofman, the leadership development advisor at Google.

This notion signals the change of companies – instead of companies largely focusing on making the most profits possible, they’ve turned to provide value to their consumers, employees, and the environment at large.


One of the ways that businesses can become more conscious is by representing the company’s values and beliefs through the work it does. Business owners should look at the reason why they created their company in the first place, to see the purpose of the business itself, and figure out how the company is making a difference in people’s lives.

To truly figure out a company’s purpose, the business owner should ask themselves why they are doing what they’re doing in the first place – and look beyond making a profit as the reason for the business. This purpose should then be echoed and repeated throughout all business decisions, both internally and externally.


Business owners are often viewed as leaders of a business, and the best way to create a conscious business is to lead based on the values of the business owner. These values are shaped by the environment and other valuable factors of the business owner and should line up with the values of the business itself.

Business owners who make decisions based on their own values will motivate and encourage others to do the same, which is another reason why they’re considered leaders, and why they should be aware of their core values and what they stand for in the first place. Additionally, it’s easier to engage both with customers and with stakeholders if the business owners, and the company itself, is aware of its values and can make important decisions with confidence because of it.


The way that a company presents itself is essentially, the company’s culture. A conscious business is one that constantly promotes the development of its employees, and also practices responsibility and accountability for its efforts and decisions. Plenty of businesses tend to neglect the importance of company culture, which leads to the creation of a negative internal culture, that can then discourage the employees. Furthermore, in the long run, having a positive company culture and a conscious business can positively impact an organization’s bottom line, because the consumers are also increasingly mindful of these values too.

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