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The decision made at the UN Assembly this fall, which committed to end poverty by 2030 may seem like a lofty plan. This decision has probably left many business owners scratching their heads and wondering what it has to do with them. The truth is, the advantages for a business to get involved is sustainable business goals far outweigh the disadvantages.

Being a good corporate citizen can help a business to grow in many ways. The global goals campaign opens many doors for companies that are looking towards new and far-away markets as a foundation for their growth in the future. It is estimated that consumers in these markets will be worth $30 trillion by 2025 and every business, big or small, is going to want a piece of that pie. Businesses that stand idly by and watch are going to regret that they never got involved to begin with.

Many companies are already jumping into the global campaign with both feet to help with goals in mind such as creating cities and communities that are sustainable while also encouraging responsible consumption of resources, eliminating poverty and addressing climate change. With all of the publicity that follows as a result of these goals, companies are sure to be feeling the competitive heat. Companies that have a head start could put themselves in a position of being leaders in this mission.

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More importantly, as major forces in our world today, businesses have a responsibility to the world they live in to help with this cause. Many governments in the world today cannot afford to realize these goals without the help of some major financial backing. Companies that band together can take the financial strain off themselves while helping to fight for the most important of goals and earning themselves some great public relations materials in the process.

Most companies are still skeptical to get involved no matter what the proposed gains may be. The thought is completely overwhelming, both on the financial end as well as on the organizational end. But companies that have been successful can be wonderful mentors. An agri-business named Olam has organized its efforts with a goals that include ending hunger and improving nutrition. They are working to achieve these goals in many of the communities in which they receive the supplies that they sell.

Whether you are a small business owner, a large business owner, or a prospective business owner it is crucial to be educated about this global effort. The effects from its implementation will be felt for years to come, whether in the business world or in the world at large. Business owners should make themselves aware of the goals and try their best to reach them. Even if every business just took on one goal the world would improve dramatically. If people have more resources, they can use those resources to buy into others, adding another link to the chain

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