California Department of Health, Social Media Plan and Placement for Zika Education Outreach


The California Department of Public Health (CDPH), Office of Public Affairs (OPA), herein after referred to as CDPH; is soliciting proposals from qualified public relations (PR)/Media Placement agencies in order to award an agreement to place targeted educational Public Service Announcements and targeted digital/social media messages in multiple languages. (See Exhibit A, Scope of Work). Newly developed materials build upon the existing current CDPH outreach strategies and materials will be placed through this contract.

Note: The newly developed materials being developed are anticipated to be ready by September 2017.


Zika is a virus that spreads to people through two specific types of mosquito or through sex with an infected partner. Zika can cause serious birth defects if a woman gets Zika and is pregnant, or later becomes pregnant. Most people with Zika do not get sick, so they may not know they have it. Those who do get symptoms may have fever, rash, joint pain and or/red eyes.

Health care providers are challenged with the evolving and complex nature of Zika Virus risk, screening, laboratory testing, assessment, and monitoring of pregnant women and their infants. Given the establishment of Aedes mosquito Zika vectors in California and the extensive travel between Mexico, other regions of Latin American, and California, the threat of local Zika transmission in California is growing. There has been no local transmission of Zika reported to date in California, but Florida and Texas have both experience local transmission. There have been more than 500 travel related cases of Zika reported in California.

In 2016, California Department of Public Health began monitoring, surveillance and education regarding Zika and has issued travel advisories recommending that pregnant women, or couples contemplating pregnancy, do not travel to areas where there is local transmission.

For additional information regarding Zika, visit the CDPH website: 

Scope of Work

Task 1: Strategic Media Communications Plan

  • Develop and submit for approval to CDPH a culturally and linguistically appropriate Strategic Digital and Social Media Communication Plan, which builds upon CDPH’s ongoing education and outreach efforts including newly developed messages, artwork and public service announcements.

Task 2: Media Plan and Placement

  • Develop and implement a Media Plan based upon the approved Strategic Media Communication plan. Schedule English and Spanish languages Social Media and Digital Placements in targeted geographic markets, reaching target audience. Geographic areas of concern include: San Diego, Imperial, Los Angeles and Orange Counties as well as the Central Valley. Target audiences include: women, pregnant women, men and women of child bearing age, regular border crossers (California-Mexico) and travelers, as well as health care providers. 

Task 3: Public Relations

  • Develop a Public Relations Outreach plan leveraging existing events and opportunities for educating the public and target audiences. Main area of focus: California-Mexico border region.

Task 4: Evaluation

  • Provide evaluation study quarterly. Conduct research that will assess the extent of target audience exposure to materials and messages.

 Task 5: Contract Management and Administration

  • Manage and monitor campaign activities, personnel and subcontractors through the contract period to ensure planning, deliverables and budgets are met.

Due Date:

August 30th 2017


Gina Jones, CCSU Contract Analyst
California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Centralized Contract Services Unit (CCSU) 1616 Capitol Avenue, Suite 74.262, MS 1802
Sacramento, California 95814 (916) 445-5655 

Strong California PR firms with health care experience include Finn Partners and Ketchum PR

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