California Government Relations Firm Sought

The Public Health Institute

The Public Health Institute (PHI), an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the health, well-being, and quality of life of individuals across the nation and around the world, is seeking to retain the services of a Sacramento-based lobbyist and government relations firm to represent the organization at the California state legislature, the Governor’s office, and with California state government agencies. The successful firm will be expected to provide advice and counsel regarding advocacy and government relations strategy that will protect and advance PHI’s public health priorities and program funding and continue to build PHI’s reputation as a leading voice for public health.

Specific areas of support, counsel and staff work will include:

  • Provide ongoing support to PHI to develop a California legislative strategy, including, as needed, sponsoring legislation.
  • Advocate and lobby on PHI priorities as agreed.
  • Work with PHI programs to sponsor, co-sponsor and support specific legislation related to PHI’s interests. Support may be needed for as many as four to five bills at any one time.
  • Provide ongoing counsel, support with drafting and preparing legislative language, advocacy strategy and interaction with member’s offices.
  • Develop strategy concerning PHI’s engagement and relationship with California state government leadership, agencies and departments including CHHSA, CDFA, CDSS, and CDPH.
  • Schedule meetings as necessary with legislative offices and government agency representatives.
  • Represent PHI and testifying during committee hearings, legislative briefings and in meetings with members of the legislature and staff.
  • Facilitate outreach at the state capitol and within state government to deepen the recognition of PHI and its programs.
  • Monitor, track and analyze state legislation of relevance to PHI’s interests, generating bill lists that summarize legislation across different priority areas.
  • Monitor and analyze the California state budget, identifying issues of relevance to PHI’s interests.
  • Work with key allies that align with PHI’s interests and priorities.
  • Prepare or provide input into the drafting of letters to the legislature.
  • As needed, provide input and support for program or group advocacy days, such as “ENACT Day”.

Proposals are due by March 18 2016 to:

Maria Arega

Administrative Assistant

Public Policy Division

Public Health Institute

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