California Housing Issued RFP for Marketing, Public Relations And Advertising Agencies

California Housing Finance Agency

The  California  Housing  Finance  Agency  (“CalHFA”)  was  established  in  1975. CalHFA provides financing and lending assistance in two major areas of the housing market: Single Family mortgage lending where CalHFA focuses on assisting low and moderate income first-time homebuyers with financing their home (including first mortgages and down payment assistance) and Multifamily financing for the development of affordable housing developments for renovation/preservation and new construction.

The organization has issued an RFP for a Public Relations firm, as well as marketing and advertising agencies.

CalHFA’s marketing/advertising budget (currently less than $500,000.00 per fiscal year)  focuses  on  Single  Family  Mortgage  Lending  and  Multifamily  Affordable Housing partners.   CalHFA’s target business audience consists of loan officers, mortgage brokers, lenders, real estate agents and affordable housing developers.  CalHFA’s current social media accounts are primarily followed by lender/realtor partners. (,

CalHFA’s website,, receives approximately 400,000 page views each month.   Prior to housing market crash in 2007, CalHFA had nearly 1 million views each month during the peak house buying season (spring/summer).

Services Required

Marketing/Advertising Services

  1. a)   Build and strengthen CalHFA’s public image.
  2. b)  Creatively use digital and traditional marketing methods to increase product sales, brand awareness and traffic to website and social media profiles.
  3. c)   Implement and manage digital and traditional media buys.
  4. d)  Assist with ad campaign concept development and production.
  5. e)   Produce campaign analysis, reporting and recommendations.
  6. f)    Market research, focus groups and analysis.

Public Relations Services

  1. a) Build and strengthen CalHFA’s public image, business partnerships and media re
  2. b) Writing digital content, speeches, and talking points; assistance with writing and distributing press releases and announce
  3. c) Product promotion through interviews and earned media.
  4. d) Provide media training to CalHFA staff when necessary.
  5. e) Research and report on news/media about the Agency/brand.
  6. f)    Research and report on affordable housing industry news/me
  7. g) Provide strategic advice and crisis management messaging; brand protecti
  8. h) Assistance with large event manage

Proposals are due by February 22nd to Kathy Phillips, at

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