Call to Action: What is a CTA and Why is it Important?

A call to action, or CTA, is an important part of a company’s or brand’s ad campaign. CTAs can prompt the company’s target audience to become a customer or a client. Every company or brand incorporates a call to action in their copy for their ad or their website. A CTA is crucial for generating leads and making conversions.

What is a Call to Action (CTA)?

A Call to Action (CTA) is an important marketing term. It is an instruction or a prompt that is supposed to provoke a response in the target audience. Usually, a CTA will have an instruction regarding what action the audience should take. It could be to reach out to the brand or visit the brand’s store. The CTA can also prompt the audience to find out more about the offerings of the brand.

CTA has been linked to sales – where the appropriate CTA can lead to more sales. A CTA that prompts the audience to click the buy button or gives the audience an incentive for a prompt buy can lead to the company generating more sales of its products and services. 

The primary purpose of a call to action is to give the target audience a compelling reason to make a purchase or to drive traffic towards the company’s website. To accomplish this, the CTA should be fairly obvious in what it wants the audience to do, as well as follow the marketing message. 

A CTA can either consist of a non-demanding request or a demanding one. A non-demanding request will include a simple appeal, such as clicking the like button or proceeding to another page. A demanding request can be a request to provide important information such as contact details. 

An Appropriate CTA may Motivate the Sales Funnel

CTAs can help motivate a company’s sales funnel. A CTA will carry instructions for the customer on the steps they should take to complete a purchase – which can serve as a way to transition from interest to completing a sale.

CTA is essential in creating a better user experience. If it is easy to take the next step, then the audience is more likely to take it. Instead of making a potential customer or their audience wonder about what step they should take next – a company should strive to give them the answer, in an obvious and eye-catching way.

CTA Improve Engagement with Customers

Most people have been conditioned to actively seek out CTAs. With advertisements telling people what steps to take, most people accept it as the norm. Since the audience will seek out CTAs, the company can ensure that their audience has a smooth experience by meeting those expectations. 

If the company’s customer or target audience wants to engage with them, then they will expect a call to action at the end of the ad copy. Not providing a CTA deviates from the norm, and can confuse potential customers. While CTAs can use creativity, it is better for a brand to make their CTAs intuitive and familiar to engage the potential customer.

CTAs are the Key to Successful Digital Advertising

A successful digital marketing campaign should aim to generate hype around a company’s product or service. Since the purpose of any kind of marketing is to generate sales or leads, the primary directive should be to prompt the customer to close the deal. With a CTA, the copy that the company generates can prompt the customer to take the next step.

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