The Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation Issues Advertising RFP

The Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation Issues Advertising RFP

The key objectives of CDIC’s public awareness activities are to promote confidence in Canada’s financial system by:

□ ensuring Canadians are aware of CDIC deposit protection so they can make informed decisions about protecting their savings; and

□ mitigating the risk of bank runs (large scale deposit withdrawals that threaten the liquidity of an institution and can lead to instability).


CDIC is a federal Crown corporation with headquarters in Ottawa  and  is responsible  for providing insurance against the loss of part or all of deposits and for promoting and otherwise contributing to the stability of the financial system in Canada.  These objectives are pursued for the benefit of persons having deposits with CDIC member institutions and in such a manner as will minimize the exposure of CDIC to loss. CDIC  is also the resolution authority for CDIC member institutions.

Scope of Work:

  1. Planning for the Strategy including:

Canvassing options and making recommendations as to approach and media mix at the budget level identified by CDIC, as well as making recommendations for innovative approaches to media buying that could achieve the public awareness objectives, and includes account management services, including immersion into the business, development of communications plans and budget estimates based on CDIC’s marketing objectives and strategies, detailed budget control reporting and billing, budget projections and estimates for CDIC’s approval, ongoing strategic leadership and counsel.

  1. Implementation of the Strategy including:

(i) Update CDIC’s current advertising creative materials or develop and produce new creative elements as required for advertising, and/or such other types of advertising materials as may be requested by CDIC (the “Creative and Production Services”), which may include: creative direction, art direction and graphic design of a minimum of three concepts including two to three rounds of revisions and materials for testing, copy writing, editing and proof reading in English and French, and multimedia production and management for television, video, print, online, or other advertising options.

(ii) Manage search engine marketing campaigns and make recommendations for SEO.

(iii) Provide advice to and work with CDIC and other key CDIC advisors to ensure the Strategy has an integrated approach and is deployed effectively.

(iv) Provide regular reports including campaign metrics at least quarterly.

(v) Provide services in connection with special projects, as requested by CDIC, which may include the following:

(A) Participate in an annual public awareness strategy session (or more frequent sessions as required), including preparation of materials as required;

(B) Participate with CDIC in the focus group testing and selection of creative elements of the advertising campaign, if and when  required.  These  sessions will take place in Canada, in several separate markets;

(C) Present to the CDIC Board of Directors or a committee of the Board of Directors, as requested; and

(D) Provide strategic advice, creative concepts,  qualitative  testing  and  possible production  a general economic downturn or a reputational event, at CDIC’s request.

(vi) Provide such additional related services as CDIC may request and as the parties may agree upon from time to time.

  1. Media Services including:

(i) Recommend and implement the annual Media Buy as requested by CDIC.

(ii) Provide input and recommendations for annual media planning, ongoing plan adjustments as the business requires, trafficking, talent residual management, securing advertising clearances and approvals.

(iii) Develop and submit media plans for CDIC’s approval, making necessary revisions as requested.

(iv) Liaise with media partners and manage requests for media responses sent directly to CDIC.

(v) Evaluate media purchases, reporting to CDIC (post-analysis) and providing recommendations.

(vi) Subscribe to media research and other media measurement services as needed  to inform CDIC’s Strategy.

Due Date:

February 2

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