Canada To Use Marketing To Lessen Teen Smoking

First Nations Health Authority

First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) – a Canadian government entity – which aims to help improve health and wellbeing is seeking a marketing agency for “The Teen Tobacco Project.”

They seek an agency to provide its marketing and design expertise in order to develop a marketing strategy which minimizes/prevents teen tobacco use among BC First Nations youth. The FNHA has two ready-to-air teen anti-tobacco videos (30 second ads) created in 2015 by two groups of First Nations teens in BC, a project support by the FNHA. The specialty marketing firm will create and execute a marketing strategy to leverage these two 30 second videos within the context of a larger marketing campaign. The campaign will extend the life of the teen anti-tobacco videos and create some excitement around its anti-smoking message

Responsibilities to include:

  • Marketing planning and execution
  • Creative and graphic design work
  • Developing and executing advertising campaigns
  • Media buying, ideally with indigenous media outlets
  • Generating publicity and earned media opportunities
  • Developing and executing innovative digital marketing campaigns
  • Cutting edge social media marketing, especially geared to youth

The specialty marketing firm will:

  • Provide marketing advice and creative/design expertise
  • Provide in-person consultation and meetings and will be available as required by email/phone
  • Work closely with designated project team member and other FNHA staff as required
  • Develop marketing strategy and plans
  • Develop creative/design elements of the campaign
  • Execute all elements of the marketing plan, including media buys, pitches to media outlets, audience research, merchandise purchases, coordination with printer and more
  • Design all creative materials


  • Deliverables the specialty marketing firm is to provide: Comprehensive marketing campaign document outlining marketing elements/tactics in detail
  • Detailed media campaign document including paid, earned, digital and social media tactics
  • All creative materials such as posters, media ads, merchandise and other
  • Community outreach campaign document
  • Merchandise program document

All  enquiries  related  to  this  RFP  including  any  requests  for  information,  questions,  and clarification, are to be directed to the following email address:

Proposals are due by March 31 to:

First Nations Health Authority

Attention: Contracts

540 – 757 West Hastings Street

Vancouver, BC. V6C 1A1

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