Careers in Digital Marketing: Community Managers

A career in digital marketing or digital PR is a rewarding experience for many, and is well-suited to individuals from a range of backgrounds with a keen eye for online communications. One role often discussed is that of a community manager. Here is a brief guide to the role of a community manager in digital marketing.

A community manager is an expert on social networks, and typically acts as the person in charge of digital strategies. A community manager is often more than this, however, and plays an important role in the development and management of a brand’s online community. 

A good community manager establishes goals and a strategy surrounding a brand’s social media presence. To do this, they tend to work across a range of areas, including:

●      The creation of new content;

●      Monitoring social networks;

●      Analyzing social media outlets;

●      Creating an action plan for digital marketing activities;

●      Connecting with the community surrounding a brand.

Moreover, it is important to recognize the difference between a community manager and a social media manager. While the roles are often merged, there are some key divergences between the two, namely: a social media manager will create the strategy for social media channels, while the community manager puts this strategy into practice; social media managers typically choose the tools to be used by community managers to perform their duties; and a social media manager typically directs the budget for the implement of digital marketing strategies. 

This leaves the community manager open to take on critical brand management responsibilities. Here is a list of some tasks a community manager may be asked to take on:

●      Pay attention

          Community managers must keep their fingers on the pulse of what the internet is saying about their brand. Effective monitoring tools are essential for this task.

●      Maintain Communication

          Community managers must use information gathered online to help their brands further develop and evolve their marketing strategies, and articulate business action plans.

●      Respond to the Community

Community managers tend to be the face of their brands, and are therefore at the forefront of evolving discussions on a brand’s digital marketing pages. It is vital that community managers are adept at ensuring these discussions are constructive, while also seeing to it that community members feel seen and heard by the brand.

●      Find New Clients

Experienced community managers are excellent at understanding online users in a market, and keeping track of what their needs and questions are. Community managers can then use this information to attract new customers or clients, and contribute to a brand’s growth.

●      Create Content

One of the most important parts of managing a brand’s image on social media is the creation of high-quality and highly-engaging content. A good community manager knows how to attract, and retain, more community members. 

●      Manage Crises

As with all digital marketing roles, community managers know that a public relations crisis can rear its ugly head at any time. Managing an online community means adopting response strategies in a timely and articulate manner. 

The work of a Community Manager is as varied as it is challenging. Those looking to begin or evolve their career in digital marketing or social media would be wise to consider such a role.