CCRMA Issues Marketing and Communications Services RFP

CCRMA Issues Marketing and Communications Services RFP

The Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority (CCRMA) is seeking an agency for marketing and communication services to assist in marketing, community outreach and education, including:

  • Media and public
  • Creation and design of collateral
  • Multilingual community outreach, engagement and
  • Photography and video production.


The CCRMA assists the citizens of South Texas by providing congestion relief, traffic safety, enhanced mobility and viable alternative routes in this era of time conservation. The CCRMA manages a large system of transportation projects in which it plans to develop to improve mobility, congestion, quality of life, and spur economic development in South Texas. The RMA has the authority to undertake projects related to highways, rail, air and seaport, as well as having the ability enter into agreements for bi-national projects with Mexico.

TPS|CCRMA is the Customer Service Center for the SH 550 toll road managed by the CCRMA. The local CSC provides many benefits to customers, including new account management features, additional payment options, a user-friendly customer website, customer correspondence and reporting capabilities. Customers gain convenience with direct communication to a local Customer Service Representative in the Valley.

Scope of Work:

The marketing and communication services scope of work includes, but is not limited to, the following tasks:

  • Develop a marketing and communication strategy that meets the needs of CCRMA’s
  • Create coordinated advertising campaigns (print, broadcast, digital, online, email, etc.) to include all phases of production from strategic goals and objectives, concept, design and implementation.
  • Creative strategy and design (collaterals, reports, advertising and visual display, broadcast or social media materials).
  • Develop multilingual/multicultural (English/Spanish) communications and outreach media and programs that address the language and cultural context of the diverse Rio Grande Valley and Mexico
  • Content creation, editing and design development for yearly Annual
  • Provide planning and development for media
  • Provide capabilities of high-quality photography and videography, including aerial photography and videography
  • Build messaging that can be used in various channels including earned media, social media and paid traditional media to geo-target key audiences through timely/relevant channels to drive awareness and educate on projects or toll usage, and drive traffic to the
  • Social media capabilities that allow the CCRMA to achieve communication goals through social media.
  • Support communication efforts (i.e. press releases, quarterly E-Newsletters, etc.) as needed.
  • Develop and maintain a targeted media
  • Strengthen relationships with community partners.
  • Meet with CCRMA staff as needed for the purposes of carrying out
  • Provide reporting of performance for campaigns or media
  • Maintain internal procedures that ensure budget control, prompt billing and quality
  • Prepare cost schedules and project sheets for advertising expenditures and other related costs and secure CCRMA’s approval of all expenditures with regard to authorized advertising by submitting preproduction

Due date:

May 23rd


RFP Marketing and Communication Services

Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority

April Romero

Strategic Project Coordinator

3461 Carmen Avenue Rancho

Viejo, Texas 78575

Agencies which could be a fit include Zeno Group and MWW PR.

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