Celeb PR Firm Provides Social Media Marketing fit for Celebrities

Stacy Ann, a Public Relations and Journalism expert, has launched Celeb PR Group, which specializes in social media PR.

Celeb PR Group offers a range of press packages for various budgets. Working with celebrities from all industries, the firm assists emerging and established actors and models, screenwriters, artists, and unknowns to enhance their brands.

Stacy Ann explains the firms strategy:

“For up-and-coming brands and names, we design programs that include press releases to drive traffic to their sites, store locations, restaurants, clubs, or just get people talking. Celeb PR Group enhances online presence with search engine optimization and well-written press releases to drive greater followings on Twitter and other social media outlets. Stacy Ann adds: “I can greatly increase someone’s brand visibility in the public eye, whether you are your brand or you have one. It’s all about creating that buzz to drive consumers or fans to an event, support brand messaging or a launch. If your name isn’t out there, no one knows you…The bottom line is if you aren’t a celebrity, I can make you look like one. It’s all about … looking bigger than you are.”

Stacy Ann’s team includes industry experts like celebrity photographer Eric Scot, well known for his skillful use of lighting and shadows. Scot’s photos can be added to any package at Celeb PR Group, whether for individual or business branding. Celeb PR Group is regarded as a one-stop shop for all elements of a company’s needs.

At Everything-PR we wish them luck, although they have plenty of celebrity big-wig PR houses in LA, including PMK*BNC, 42 West and BWR PR.

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