Central Arkansas Water Issues Public Relations RFP

Central Arkansas Water Issues Public Relations RFP

Central Arkansas Water (“CAW”) is planning to engage in many marketing, public relations and public-policy initiatives and strategies in the near term and it is seeking Annual Statements of Qualifications (ASQ) from qualified firms interested in assisting CAW with professional public relations, marketing, advertising, videography, photography, event planning, social media planning and management, or public-policy services. CAW intends to contract with more than one firm to provide the different service requirements covered by this request for ASQs.The purpose of this request is to receive Annual Statements of Qualifications with comprehensive and/or specialized expertise in public relations, marketing, advertising, and public policy initiatives, including videography, photography, event planning, and social media management. CAW intends to contract with more than one marketing firm to provide the different service requirements covered by this request.


CAW serves a retail and wholesale consumer population of approximately 450,000 in 17 cities and communities in the Little Rock-NorthLittle Rock metropolitan area. As such, the utility has an essential role in the quality of life, public health, and economic development for 1 in every 7 Arkansans. The utility has a national reputation for quality service at an affordable price and is an industry leader in water quality, source-water protection, regulatory compliance, financial management, planning and system integrity, automation, and customer service. As the largest water utility in the state of Arkansas, CAW has approximately 184,000 residential, commercial, industrial, and master-metered customers and approximately 306 employees.

Arkansas Code Annotated §19-11-801 to 807 establishes that contracts for certain professional services with the State of Arkansas and political subdivisions be negotiated on the basis of demonstrated competence and qualifications at a fair and reasonable price. The Code and CAW Resolution2001-7 allow Central Arkansas Water (CAW) to receive Annual Statements of Qualifications for particular professional services on a periodic basis.

Scope of Work:

The Public Affairs and Communications Department within CAW envisions a future when its key constituents view Central Arkansas Water as consistently redefining how utilities effectively engage and communicate with their customers. The mission of the Department is to clearly, consistently communicate the essential and exceptional attributes of Central Arkansas Water to our customers, the general public and internal audiences.

The vision and mission of the Department will be achieved through the following objectives:

               1. Ensuring consistent management and application of the Central Arkansas Waterbrand standards.

               2. Executing an ongoing communications campaign that leverages media and public relations initiatives to speak to the needs of the target audiences.

               3. Consistently and cohesively working with internal Utility constituents to manage internal communication processes and outcomes

               4. Accelerating Central Arkansas Water’s utilization of new technology to affirm its commitment to reaching customers through their preferred communications medium

               5. Meeting and exceeding deadlines on time and within budget to result in awell-organized, proactive and efficient departmentthat reflects the utility’s commitment to stellar customer service.

Due Date:

December 27th, 2018.


Elizabeth Tuck-Rowan, CPPO, CPPB, C.P.M., A.P.P., CPSD

Purchasing Manager

Purchasing Office

Central Arkansas Water

221 East Capitol Avenue, Third Floor

Little Rock, AR 72202

Agencies with relevant experience includes MWWPR and Makovsky PR.

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