Central Regional Health Association Issues Marketing RFP

Central Regional Health Authority (Central Health) is administering this RFP on behalf of NL Centre for Health Information (the Centre) to submit proposals for a Marketing/Communications Agency of Record (AoR).


The Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Health Information (the Centre) is a Provincial crown agency governed by a Board of Directors and managed by a President and Chief Executive Officer. NLCHI provides quality information to health professionals, the public, researchers and health system decision-makers to enhance the health and well-being of persons in the province. Through collaboration with the health system, NLCHI supports the development of data and technical standards and provides analytic, evaluation and information management services that support health care delivery, health system management, performance measurement and monitoring, program planning, policy and decision-making and research. NLCHI’s mandate also includes the development, implementation and operation of a confidential and secure provincial electronic health record (EHR) and provincial health information systems.

NLCHI’s vision is improved health through quality health information.

On October 4, 2017, the Government announced that it was going to amalgamate the Information Technology and Telecommunications (IT&T) functions of each of the five Health Organization into the one department that would be led by the Centre, with the directive of developing, operating and managing a comprehensive and aligned information system that fully integrates and uses data and health information from all components of the health and community services system for the delivery of health care and health system planning. For more information on the Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Health Information, please visit www.nlchi.nl.ca

Scope of Work:

On July 20, 2017, the provincial Government announced that it would implement a province-wide shared services model for supply chain management in the health care system. The new model combines the Supply Chain departments from each of the five Health Organizations into one department, led by Central Health, with the directive of providing exceptional, consistent and trusted strategic sourcing and procurement services through collaborative partnerships with all stakeholder and managed supplier relationships to drive value and stewardship for the health system.

Central Health is the second largest health region in Newfoundland and Labrador serving a population of approximately 94,000 in 177 communities. The service district extends from Charlottetown in the east, Fogo Island in the northeast, Harbour Breton in the south to Baie Verte in the west. This geographical area encompasses more than half of the total landmass of the island and services nearly 20 per cent of the provincial population.

Within Central Health, there is a diverse array of primary, secondary, long term care, community health and various enhanced secondary services. These are provided through 35 community health offices, 13 health care facilities, including two regional referral centres, six community health centres and five long term care facilities.

Due Date:

January 16



Relevant agencies include W20 Group and Makovsky PR.

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