Challenges in Marketing

With the advent of social media and online marketing, new and unique challenges have appeared in the marketing industry. When a brand is building a marketing plan, several things must be addressed to make the campaign successful. 

Some things to consider include brand purpose and message, marketing in the middle of a global pandemic, budget, and marketing medium. Is the brand best marketed online, in paper, tv or radio? Some brands or products are extremely demonstrable and must be seen to be appreciated, other brands (services perhaps) may benefit most from a 2 page spread in a magazine.

Message and Voice

One of the most important pieces of a marketing plan is to have a clear understanding of what the message is going to be. To determine this, marketing experts have to know what the purpose of the brand is. Is it to make a particular facet of life easier? Is it something that adds value to the property or is it something designed to remove problems?

Once a brand purpose has been established, the tone of voice that is used in a campaign. Inconsistency in voice and purpose can be confusing for customers. If the message is a somber one and a campaign is run in pinks and yellows and bright colors, that can distract from the message. 

Marketing During Covid

As a global community we have been facing covid19 for over a year at this point. Small bumps in global processes and systems can have some impact on business and marketing. But this is no longer a “small bump.” Covid is something that will be with us for a while to come. So when a business is planning a marketing campaign that has to come into play.

Questions like “how does this brand help in this turbulent time?” and “how can I use my business to support myself and my community?” or “how is this pandemic going to impact my sales and my budgeting?” can be incredibly important to investigate and plan for.  

Overcoming Obstacles in Marketing

Obstacles in marketing can pop up at any point from the brand conception for a campaign all the way up until delivery of the campaign to the public. Crisis management is a vital part of handling marketing problems, but the best way to fix a problem is to foresee its arrival. In the planning stages think ahead.

Questions like “If this medium is unsuccessful what is my backup plan?” or “how can I best allocate my finances in this project?” can allow you to properly prepare for issues that may arise in the process.

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