Chemistry PR: Accelerating Business with Vibrant Public Relations

Founded in 2012 by public relations and marketing professional Audrey Doherty, Chemistry PR has evolved into an award-winning public relations agency specializing in social media, media relations, and special events. Working with clients in various industries, including restaurants, travel, hospitality, commercial and residential real estate, and consumer products, Chemistry PR marketing, and communication service wins in accelerating business.

With the media landscape being ever-changing, one thing remains true: people and media relations are more important. For Chemistry PR, emphasizing people is key. That’s because whoever a brand talks to is as important as a brand’s messaging. 

At the same time, it’s the vitality of relationships that determines a business’s strength. That’s because the bonds that brands share with customers, the media, partners, competitors, and the globe determine a brand’s strength. Thankfully, Chemistry PR’s ever-expanding network of media, business, and community contacts help increase any brand’s strength.

Recent Accomplishments

#1. Best PR Firm in San Diego (2020)

Scoring on more than 25 variables across five categories, Chemistry PR was named as one of the best PR agencies in San Diego. Selected by, which helps millions research and hire professionals nationally, the agency ranked among the top PR agencies based on professionalism, qualification, availability, reputation, experience, and many more metrics.

#2. Signing the National Lease Advisors


National Lease Advisors—a trusted partner in managing commercial lease portfolios held by VS-based companies—tapped Chemistry PR’s service to spearhead its media relations campaign. Seeking to increase publicity for the launch of the provider’s portfolio advisory service, the company intends to position itself as a firm that helps U.S.-based entities navigate the complex real estate space.

#3. Ocean Park Inn


Ocean Park Inn (OPI) named Chemistry PR as their public relations agency of record. Being a family-owned and operated hotel based on the pacific Beach, selecting a real-estate pro to create publicity for its extensive innovation was a step in the right direction. Chemistry PR will handle strategic planning, social media campaigns, content creation, media relations, promotional partnerships, and influencer marketing.

#4. Signing the Wise Ox Butcher and Eatery


Recently, Chemistry PR expanded its retail public relations portfolio by adding The Wise Ox Butcher and Eatery to its portfolio. The award-winning public relations agency is tasked with influencer and social media marketing and media relations activities.

Through the PR agency’s efforts, Chemistry PR will position Wise Ox Butcher and Eatery as a go-to brand for products like wagyu, premium dry-aged beef, prime beef, marinated ready-to-cook meats, and many more.

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