Chicago Housing Authority Issues Digital Marketing RFP


The Chicago Housing Authority is seeking qualified vendors to provide digital marketing solutions and campaign management on behalf of the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) department. Digital marketing solutions and campaign management should allow HCV to become a customer centric department. HCV does not want to invest in complicated solutions and become dependent on IT expertise for the requested service.

Scope of Work: 

The Selected Bidder’s responsibilities include:

  • Full Campaign Management
  • Be able to target HCV’s three (3) primary audiences

o             Property Managers, with Rental Properties, in X, Y, Z zip codes.

o             Property Owners, and;

o             Real Estate Agents/Brokers

  • Refinement to promote specific programs based on market saturation by zip code. e.g. incentive programs for owners not currently engaged vs training messages for areas with a high volume of owners already engaged with the Chicago Housing Authority.
  • Site Remarketing to further refine the ad.
  • The use of technology to uncover firmographic information about HCV anonymous web traffic, letting HCV know which companies those visitors work for – helping HCV uncover deeper insights on its web traffic.

o             Example:

The Successful Respondent targets the devices owned by those individuals and places digital display ad, in real-time, on the websites they visit. e.g. If a Property Manager visits, HCV’s ad will be placed on the site. This will ensure that HCV reaches out to owners with customized ads that are relevant to their needs and the vouchers that matter to them.

Proposed campaign deliverables should address volume of impressions, design and development, audience targeting, proposed service team, etc.

Due Date:

February 23, 2018


Chicago Housing Authority

Department of Procurement and Contracts

60 East Van Buren Street, 13th Floor

Chicago, Illinois 60605

Zeno Group & Edelman PR are both Chicago based PR firms.

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