City of Arcadia Website Design Services Issues RFP

City of Arcadia Website Design Services


The City of Arcadia is seeking proposals from highly qualified vendors specializing in web design services and implementation of state-of-the-art Content Management System (CMS) software. The new website will be contemporary, intuitive, multi-modal, and accessible. The successful vendor will provide the City with an innovative, cutting-edge, information-ready, turn-key website and an intuitive, user-friendly, and robust CMS that includes a full suite of web editing analytics tools, and citizen engagement functionalities.

The planned website redesign project will start in Fiscal Year 2019 and has an estimated completion date of June 30, 2019.

The specific project objects are as follows:

  • Design the City’s website utilizing current trends in website development in both the public and private sector to provide a website architecture that is accessible, easy to use, and engaging to the visitor.
  • Provide a best-in-class search engine for information accessibility, search ability, and optimization.
  • Provide a best-in-class content management system software.
  • Ensure the website has multilingual translation capabilities pursuant to City policies, industry standards, and best practices.
  • Provide for the latest technology to support customer service, online services (including third party integrations), and citizen engagement tools.
  • Enable updating the website on an as-needed basis by facilitating content creation and editing.
  • Incorporate multimedia imagery in the website design including high definition photography and video.
  • Exceptional website and content management system support services.


Arcadia was incorporated in 1903 and became a Charter City in 1951. It is an upper-middle class community of approximately 60,000 people in an 11.2 square mile area located 20 miles east of Los Angeles. The City government is “full-service” with its own Police Department, Fire Department and Library, and a City Council-City Manager form of government. Arcadia is known for beautiful neighborhoods, warm character and a “community of homes” atmosphere. The City places great emphasis on preserving “green space” and its commitment to the environment is evidenced by the large population of healthy trees you will find around town.

Arcadia has been designated a Tree City USA for twenty-four consecutive years. Arcadians take pride in their well-established traditions and high standards. The Arcadia Unified School District is one of the most highly thought of in the State; high quality medical services are available locally; and an excellent assortment of recreation and leisure activities are offered for all ages. Arcadia has a broad commercial base with businesses ranging from the very small to the very large. Westfield Santa Anita is a popular regional mall; downtown Arcadia has seen resurgence in popularity in recent years; south, west, and north Arcadia all have thriving businesses; and many consider Santa Anita Race Track to be the finest facility of its type in the country. With respect for its heritage, appreciation of the present, and excitement about the future, Arcadia remains true to its motto of “Community of Homes” by maintaining a good balance of quality economic development that mixes harmoniously with its primarily residential nature. Arcadians take great pride in their community and the qualities associated with the City are not taken for granted. It is not by accident that Arcadia is referred to as a jewel among southern California communities.

The City of Arcadia’s website ( was launched in 2004 and upgraded in 2011 and 2015. While it continues to be a functional site, the website’s design is limited in terms of navigation and how information is presented to the public. Current trends in website design have necessitated a rethinking of the City’s current format and platform. Further, the Content Management System (CMS) software that manages public information, analytics, customer relations, and other important engagement tools is cumbersome and outdated by today’s standards. While there are several website and content management system vendors that service government as an industry, the City of Arcadia is seeking proposals from firms that will INNOVATE from previous models that are utilized throughout the public sector. The City of Arcadia is seeking a good website, not a government website.

Scope of Work:

Vendor Experience and Development Criteria

Preference will be given to vendors who demonstrate the most innovative approach using state-of-the-art website design standards, with special attention given to vendors’ breadth of experience, references, number of years of experience, and expertise of staff. Experience working with government is preferred but not required. A vendor that can demonstrate a capacity to innovate and re-invent the government website model is highly desirable. The chosen vendor must have expertise with best practices regarding:

  • Innovative website design
  • User experience and usability testing
  • Website development and deployment
  • Website hosting
  • Information content strategy
  • Social media integration
  • Search engine optimization
  • Responsive web design, include mobile platforms
  • Exceptional customer service

In addition, the vendor should have a proven development process, flexible timeline structure, and in-house resources that favor the availability and time commitment of the City of Arcadia.

Proposed Content Management System (CMS) Software

A successful Content Management System (CMS) will provide maximum functionality for the best possible cost. At a minimum, the CMS should include the following functionality and services:

  1. The CMS is accessible from any location and adaptable to current and changing technology. Software updates are included in user/maintenance fees.
  2. SSL encryption, user security, and audit trail.
  3. The website/CMS includes a search engine solution that will support indexing of all content within the CMS.
  4. The CMS must support multi-user entry and specify licensing/cost implications for additional users, if any. An unlimited number of users is preferred.

System Functionality

The administrative portion of the CMS shall be accessible for all content contributors and feature an intuitive guided user interface that allows for, the following:

  1. Add, edit, and move content directly on an assigned webpage.
  2. Content publishers must have the ability to preview changes prior to publishing on the site.
  3. Content scheduling to the site shall feature delayed posting and automatic expiration abilities.
  4. Hyperlinking to internal or external pages.
  5. Editor should include spell-check functionality.
  6. Robust analytics tool to drive website engagement strategies, including the ability to export and filter data.
  7. Creation of user-friendly URLs.
  8. Advanced site search capability.
  9. Solution must have a citizen service request module that allows citizens to submit requests using quick and easy forms, and provides online progress tracking. Administrative side of solution should allow for workflow and automatic deadline notification.
  10. A service directory that organizes the service offering or functions of an organization instead of by department. The service directory should allow users to search by keyword and should filter by category.
  11. A document archive/storage for specified categories of documents with built-in filtering abilities and search capabilities.

Third Party Integrations

Vendor must analyze all third party plug-ins, APIs, and user interfaces for integration with a new web design. Vendor must ensure all third party applications are compatible with the new website, and provide recommendations and solutions to the City to maintain and/or enhance the customer experience. Included in their response the vendor shall:

  1. Analyze the City’s current website for all third party applications.
  2. Provide a list to the City of Arcadia of all third party applications.
  3. Include recommendations for enhancing the end-user experience with third party applications.

Design Guidelines and Qualifications

The redesign of the website should be welcoming, user-friendly, state of the art, and created by   a professional design staff with significant input from the City of Arcadia. The final version of the design should be a collaborative effort between the City of Arcadia and the vendor, incorporating elements that represent the City of Arcadia’s brand and image.

  1. Vendor must provide a project plan for the design phase of the website.
  2. Vendor shall provide a minimum of three (3) designs of the proposed website to the City.
  3. Vendor must provide design mock ups of primary website sections.
  4. Vendor will work with City staff to determine a new website content information architecture and navigation framework to support easy navigation to key City services. Intuitive navigation with a site structure that does not require multiple clicks to reach desired page.
  5. Vendor must determine a consistent look and feel for the website, including color schemes, graphic elements, and navigation tools that provide straightforward navigation within a unifying graphic theme.
  6. Vendor must design the website to support the City’s updated social media brand as well as the design needs of specific departments/services.

Hosting, Maintenance, and Support

In all submitted proposals, vendors shall be able to produce a Service Level Agreement that outlines all website/CMS hosting and maintenance services, and details guarantees of customer support as well as a service escalation process. While the website content updates are to be managed by the City of Arcadia through the CMS, the vendor must commit to hosting, and regular maintenance and updating of the CMS and associated applications for the purpose of keeping the existing software up-to-date as well as introducing new functionality and applications.

  1. Provide hosting services, including data back-up and storage service providers.
  2. Content creators of the CMS shall have access to live support via e-mail or phone during the City of Arcadia’s normal business hours.
  3. Designated administrators shall have access to live support 24/7 for emergencies.

Due Date:

August 7th


City of Arcadia

City Manager’s Office

240 W. Huntington

Arcadia, CA 91007

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