City and County of San Francisco Seeks Marketing Agency

City and County of San Francisco
The City and County of San Francisco seeks an agency to assist the International Marketing and Aviation Development staff in developing an overall strategic marketing plan for overseas locations, to improve the level and quality of international service at San Francisco International Airport (“SFO or the “Airport”).

Scope of Work:

The scope of services for International Strategic Marketing Services in Overseas Locations includes the following subject areas:

  1. International Strategic Planning and Marketing – Provide support for Airport efforts conducted in key overseas markets including but not limited to Asia, Europe, Latin America and Oceania and to promote SFO in the international market with activities that include:
  • Preparing and executing specific marketing programs to attract new international airlines.
  • Preparing and executing specific marketing programs to support current international airline routes.
  • Securing creative partnerships with airlines and/or travel trade partners to promote new and existing international air service to SFO.
  • Arranging new partnerships with airlines, airports, travel industry organizations and government agencies for promotional purposes.
  1. International Air Service Development Support – Provide support for Airport efforts to promote SFO in the international arena with activities that include:
  • Organizing/arranging familiarization tours in support of potential airline service(s).
  • Organizing international trade missions with key partners: San Francisco civic and business leaders, Visit California, Brand USA, U.S. Travel Association and other such entities.
  • Arranging for partnerships with hotels and tourism attractions in both the San Francisco Bay Area and the target market destination to support familiarization trips and visiting airline officials.
  1. International Market Research – Provide localized market intelligence support for research efforts used in developing solid business cases for potential airlines, including:
  • Providing demographic, psychographic, market segmentation and other similar data on international markets.
  • Forecasting/analyzing air travel and tourism trends.
  • Providing key marketing information on developments in the travel and airline industries.
  1. International Public Relations – Provide support for public relations efforts in key overseas target markets (Asia, Europe, Latin America and Oceania), including:
  • Utilizing existing in-country network and public relations contacts.
  • Writing/translating press releases.
  • Strategic planning/execution on the ground overseas for major in-country PR campaigns for SFO.
  • Strategic planning/execution of inaugural events and promotional activity for new airline service to SFO.
  • Maintaining/translating in-country websites that promote SFO.
  • Coordinating with the Airport’s Communications & Marketing Staff to:
    • Create and maintain a segmented media/influencer list for the Airport’s use.
    • Develop an annual in-country public relations plan, including target key publications, online sites and top industry awards for which the Airport should apply.
    • Leverage close relationships with key opinion leaders, travel writers and journalists to cover Airport-specific stories.
    • Provide insight into local social media and technology trends including how to best use social media to disseminate airport messages.
  1. International Cultural Consultation – Provide support in understanding regional differences and cultural proficiency, including:
  • In-country staffed representation offices in key markets around the world, including, but not limited to, Asia, Europe, Latin America and Oceania.
  • Communications and marketing services in the local language and culture.
  • Consultation on localization of marketing efforts.
  1. International Branding – Assist with analysis and development of the SFO brand in key global markets (Asia, Europe, Latin America and Oceania) including, but not limited to:
  • Positioning and marketing SFO as the “Best Gateway to North America”.
  • Conduct market research to determine Airport brand awareness and perceptions.
  • Assist in creation of international brand guidelines to be used in all overseas marketing efforts.
  • Create branding plan mapping all international brand touchpoints and advising on how to utilize each to best brand the Airport.

Due Date:

October 4, 2017


Ms. Melissa Andretta
Marketing/International Aviation Development
San Francisco International Airport
P.O. Box 8097
San Francisco, CA 94128-3114

San Francisco PR firms include Finn Partners and Peppercomm.

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