The City of Huntington Beach is seeking proposals from experienced California State legislative firms qualified to provide legislative consulting services including, representation, information, professional advice, and support services. The purpose of the requested services is to communicate and lobby elected officials to support identified legislation, policies, and programs that support and benefit the City of Huntington Beach’s mission to provide sustainable quality services to maintain and enhance our safe and vibrant community.

The firm awarded the agreement for such services will act as legislative representative for the City in Sacramento, California to the State Legislature, Office of the Governor, and Executive Branch Agencies as needed. The Sacramento Representative will confer with the City Manager and such other City personnel as the City Manager may designate on all State legislative, planning and program activities. The dedicated lobbyist or lobbying firm will develop appropriate strategies in consultation with City staff and advocate for the City’s legislative, budgetary and administrative priorities in the State of California.

Huntington Beach is a full service city with a population of approximately 200,000. The  City has 14 departments with fewer than 1,000 full-time employees plus part-time and seasonal employees. We are a coastal city with approximately 10 miles of beach and coastal wetlands. The City is over one hundred years old with aging infrastructure. For most of  those years, the City’s major industry was oil production. Much of that industry has disappeared and in recent years the city has been strengthening its economic base through development of tourism and commercial/retail businesses. Several development projects are currently underway or recently completed. We are also home to an AES electric generating plant and the County’s sanitation facility as well as a large Boeing facility.

For further insight into the City’s priorities, further information on the City of Huntington Beach can also be found at the city’s website at

Scope of Work:

  1. Develop short term and long term strategies with the City pertaining to funding and other State policy and administrative issues.
  2. Notify the City of grants and other funding opportunities and, as appropriate, facilitate meetings or follow-ups with awarding State agency officials.
  3. Prepare and Solicit Letters of Support for funding opportunities.
  4. The Sacramento Representative will review and comment on proposed sponsored legislation the City prepares for submission to the State Legislature when requested to do so by the City Manager and City Council.
  5. The Sacramento Representative will consult with the City regarding appearance by City personnel before state committees and administrative agencies and will arrange for appointments and accommodations for City personnel as necessary.
  6. The Sacramento Representative will contact state legislators, legislative staff, committee consultants, and administrative agencies on the City’s behalf when City positions are under consideration by such bodies and otherwise take whatever steps necessary to obtain the most favorable consideration.

Due Date:

March 23rd, 2018


PR firms with lobbying operations include APCO Worldwide.

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