City of Los Angeles Seeking PR Firm

City of Los Angeles Seeking PR Firm

The City of Los Angeles issued a PR RFP for Building Healthy Communities Outreach Plan.

In 2016, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti joined local community-based organizations and leading Angelenos to initiate a city-wide strategy that applies a public health approach to preventing hate, bias and violence. The Mayor’s Office of Public Safety (“Mayor’s Office”) recognizes that a strong and healthy community is the best building block to curb all forms of violence and increase the quality of life in the City. As such, Building Healthy Communities (“BHC”) is initiated with the aim of strengthening the City’s values of pluralism, inclusion, promoting civic engagement, youth development, and offering interventions for individuals who may be on a destructive path. Moreover, the initiative aims to expand a network of community-based organizations (“CBOs”) capable of delivering culturally appropriate social services. The network operates across faith, ethnic, and racial representations embodying communities working together to strengthen the social fabric and provide services support to individuals and families. In an effort to better connect the network of CBOs, the Mayor’s Office and 211  Services, a non-profit organization, will develop and enable an online platform to connect CBOs and the general public to available services.

Scope of Work:

The Mayor’s Office is seeking a firm to develop a media outreach and public communications strategy for its Building Healthy Communities program and online platform. The objective of this project is to help promote the initiative and website to the community, clearly communicate the positive offerings of the initiative and dispel negative perceptions, and engage the public to garner support for BHC’s mission. The Mayor’s Office shall convene a series of focus groups to ensure that the Building Healthy Communities initiative and website are effective in reaching and communicating with various intended audiences (i.e., the media, general public, community based organizations, influencers, etc.). The Contractor shall provide recommendations on how to maximize the usefulness of focus group process design and implementation consultations. The Contractor shall also review and analyze information collected through focus group meetings to advise the Mayor’s Office on communications and marketing strategy.

The Contractor shall also help craft key messaging points and position statements to be used to communicate and promote the BHC initiative and website in its public launch. The Contractor should advise the Mayor’s Office on revising existing communications tools as well as on the creation of innovative messaging and marketing materials, including infographics, social media tools, and PSAs. The communication strategy should be carefully developed to address the complexity of the issues involved and the sensitive nature of the subject matter. The Contractor shall also develop a comprehensive media strategy to aid the Mayor’s Office in communicating with various types of media organizations and platforms, with respect to responding to media and using media to bring attention to the BHC initiative and online platform.

Due Date:

August 6, 2017 to:

Justin Harris
Contract Specialist

PR firms in LA include Coyne PR and Burson-Marsteller.

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