DUE DATE:  2:00 pm on Thursday, July 13, 2023.


The City of Berkeley’s Department of Human Resources (Berkeley HR) is focused on filling all vacant positions within the City and hiring for any and all position vacancies which occur in the future. Berkeley HR aims to implement strategic public relations activities and multi-media campaigns to increase visibility, awareness, as well as numbers, caliber, and diversity of candidates.

Berkeley HR would like to create relevant multi-media campaigns to reach a broad array of potential applicants with diverse backgrounds. Berkeley HR requires professional consulting services to provide a full suite of marketing and recruitment services to maximize recruitment efforts. This will include services pertaining to the creation, implementation, and analysis of outreach campaigns via social media, digital platforms (e.g., streaming services), advertisements, websites, job boards, and any other marketing efforts.


The term of the proposed services will be one (1) year, with two (2) one-year options to renew at the sole discretion of Berkeley HR.

The selected firm is expected to work closely with Berkeley HR and other City of Berkeley departments to develop and execute all facets of the recruitment marketing plan. The scope of work includes, but is not limited to, the following:

1. Strategy Development

a. Develop a comprehensive recruitment marketing strategy that is efficient and effective in attracting

qualified talent to the City of Berkeley;

b. Ensure developed strategy has long-term benefits for Berkeley’s hiring needs and the potential for

long-term utilization;

c. Develop messaging and branding;

d. Include and consider any and all advertising, public relations, media outreach, branding, SEO, social

media, and other communications or marketing tools and tactics for recruitment marketing purposes;

e. Analyze target audiences and ensure outreach to diverse groups of applicants.

2. Implementation and Execution

a. Media planning, placement, and purchasing;

b. Landing pages and website development;

c. Development of digital creative including photo, video, graphic design, and copy for advertisements,

organic social media, and any other marketing purpose;

d. Develop effective content for organic social media;

e. Implement email drip and re-contact program including copy and automatic, customized follow-up

communications for candidates and applicants dependent upon their location within the hiring funnel;

f. Co-management of social media accounts;

g. Oversee all projects and efforts to ensure completion and high levels of quality;

h. Build loyalty and engagement with Berkeley HR stakeholders, residents, and community influencers;

i. Create and manage retargeting and remarketing strategies; and

j. Develop distribution, management, and storage systems for content and creative assets.

3. Assessment and Analysis

a. Multi-step A/B testing for advertisements;

b. Stay up-to-date on marketing, advertising, and social media trends and best practices;

c. Use data from online traffic, conversions, social media, marketing, and advertising efforts to inform

future decision-making;

d. Actively monitor and report on all KPI related to marketing and advertising efforts; and

e. Ensure cohesive and consistent look, feel, and branding.

4. Training and Support

a. Provide training and support to our recruitment team to ensure the effective execution of the

recruitment marketing strategy;

b. Offer ongoing support and consultation to help us adapt to changing online environments, conditions,

and trends; and

c. Provide training for all publicly interfacing recruiters or spokespeople for Berkeley HR.

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