City of La Vista Nebraska Issues Marketing & Branding RFP

City of La Vista Nebraska Issues Marketing & Branding RFP

The City of La Vista has issued marketing and branding RFPS to provide brand execution and ongoing marketing and public relations services for the city. La Vista has a reputation for being a progressive, safe, and family friendly community, but has no cohesive brand image to convey a common message or to connect the many community assets, services and overall attractiveness of the community for business, residents, and visitors. The City has timely and immediate opportunities to identify and promote what makes La Vista distinct in a regionally competitive market for investors, businesses, retailers, young professionals, visitors and residents.

As one of the fastest growing cities in the State of Nebraska, La Vista is the gateway to the Omaha metro area, enjoying a wide market of over 900,000 potential residents, visitors and/ or employees. Incorporated in 1960, La Vista is a relatively young and progressive city situated in the southwest part of the metropolitan area contiguous to the cities of Bellevue, Ralston, Papillion and Omaha. Strategically located only minutes from Offutt Air Force Base, Eppley Airfield and the interstate system, La Vista has grown quickly to a community of over 18,000. “La Vista” is Spanish for “The View,” which described the scenic panorama of the Big Papio Creek Basin that was enjoyed by the City’s first residents. Several of the most significant employers in Sarpy County are located in La Vista. These include PayPal, Securities America, Streck Laboratories, Inc., Rotella’s Bakery, Embassy Suites/La Vista Conference Center, Cabela’s, Costco, Oath (Yahoo!), Educational Services Unit #3, Oriental Trading Company and Claas Omaha.

Scope of Work

There are two phases to this project, which are discussed in more detail below. Phase 1 involves assisting the City in developing a brand. Phase 2 will provide ongoing marketing and public relations support. The City may select one or more communication and outreach firms to assist the City with each Phase. Proposers may bid on Phase 1 or Phase 2 or bid on both phases.


Phase 1: Brand Platform Development

Discovery and Assessment

Perform research and identify the perception of La Vista from a resident, business and visitor standpoint in comparison to what the City wants to become. Focus groups, interviews, surveys and other research methodologies should be used as appropriate. Data should be collected from residents, businesses, partner organizations, stakeholders, City employees and any other identified group key to the success of all tasks. At the end of the research and analysis, the Proposer should identify La Vista’s key distinctive competencies and clearly communicate the City’s value proposition. The City welcomes your guidance and recommendations on the most effective way to reach our objectives.

The following questions should be answered:

  • What does La Vista want to be known for?
  • What thoughts and feelings does the City want to evoke when people are exposed to their name?
  • How can La Vista stand out from the crowd and be more competitive?


  • Research Summary
  • Brand Positioning Statement


Development of a Competitive Identity

Compile findings and develop a succinct message that highlights La Vista’s distinctive competencies and communicates the City’s desired identity. The message should communicate the City’s promise – confirming what we stand for, our unique value proposition and how we carve out a unique and differentiated place in our target audience’s mind. The new La Vista brand platform will be a roadmap for all communications and a filter for other activities. We expect our brand to permeate everything we do, both internally and externally.

In addition, the message should be capable of being used across a variety of departments, programs and services, as well as throughout the community. The Proposer will develop promotional materials that aid in communicating the City’s competitive identity.


  • Identify core audience(s)
  • Articulation of the main issue we resolve for our audiences
  • Articulation of our positioning
  • Articulation of our brand persona
  • Brand Essence: the one to three words that form the soul of what the La Vista brand story should be


Logo and Tagline Development and Messaging Guidelines

The City is evaluating the option to develop a brand with a new logo and tagline.


  • Logo and tagline development
  • Process and timeline for community feedback/reactions to ideas and validation
  • Once logo and tagline(s) have been chosen, include development of a full identity system including, but not limited to, graphic elements, brand architecture, verbal branding (tone of voice), logotype, fonts, color palette, icon system, imagery, co-branding, website branding, templates for presentations, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures and fliers, social media graphics, interior and exterior signage, advertising, email signature, uniforms, and vehicle
  • Messaging guidelines
    • Written – The brand platform should include guidelines and examples on how to talk about the City and the services in marketing the City. These could be shared with all employees, especially those who write about the City or our services as well as external writers, agencies and partners who create content on our behalf
    • Visual Collateral – Guidelines should include guidance for brochures and other marketing materials
    • Digital – Guidelines should include high-level guidance for a website, email marketing and social media
    • Communications – Guidelines should include guidance for a PowerPoint template, City stationery, and office signage
  • Internal activation. Provide suggestions and recommendations for introducing and embedding a new brand with


Our goal is to kick off this project in February 2019 and complete it within 4-6 months.


Phase 2: Brand Implementation & Marketing Strategy

This task will define the activities designed to effectively establish the City’s new brand identity organically to internal and external audiences as well as identify ongoing strategies for communicating, maintaining, and enhancing the brand’s value over the first three years following the introduction. These strategies should:

  • Prioritize both short and long-term strategies and tactics, including a timeline
  • Present various strategies and a variety of communication tools to roll out organically to engage the City’s internal and external customer demographic audiences
  • Enable audiences to connect and interact with the City and use feedback to further build the City’s brand
  • Provide opportunities for top identified stakeholders and other defined target audiences to become advocates
  • To ensure effective implementation, the brand strategy should recommend methods for tracking results and measuring success with target audiences
  • Support City staff in preparing for and responding to media inquiries


  • Brand strategy
  • Develop collateral and advertising material, services may include: graphic design for the development of all print collateral (such as newsletters, posters, direct mail, service cards), print and broadcast advertising, public meeting presentation materials and supplemental video productions
  • Tracking and measurement recommendations

The list of tasks above is not meant to be exclusive and proposals containing alternative and innovative approaches are encouraged. The City reserves the right to revise or eliminate tasks based on the outcome of the proposal evaluation process.


Brand execution is expected to commence in early 2020.

Final Report and Presentation

The selected consultant will deliver one (1) unbound single-sided copy on standard weight paper (no heavyweight paper or tabbed dividers), ten (10) printed bound copies, and one (1) flash drive including a pdf file of your proposal that contains style guide and related graphics, to the City. Graphics to be used for placement in the defined template designs and other marketing materials shall be in an electronic format satisfactory to the City.


  • Final report and electronic files
  • Final formal presentation to the Steering Committee and City Council



Due Date

          December 21


Pamela A. Buethe, City Clerk

La Vista City Hall

8116 Parkview Blvd.

La Vista, NE 68128

(402) 331.4343 (phone)

(402) 331.4375 (fax)


Agencies with relevant experience include APCO Worldwide and MWWPR.

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