RESPONSE DEADLINE: No later than 5 pm Local Philadelphia Time on April 21, 2024

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All proposals must be submitted electronically to the correct contract opportunity established

for this RFP (identified by opportunity number) through eContract Philly at


2.1 Overview

This RFP is issued by the Managing Director’s Office (MDO) and the Office of

Complete Streets (OCS). OCS advances traffic safety improvements to Philadelphia

streets through infrastructure and education. This includes management of

Philadelphia’s Vision Zero Program, a collaborative initiative with the goal of

reaching zero traffic fatalities on Philadelphia’s streets.


The term of the contract is expected to start on or about May 6, 2024

The City may, at its sole option, amend the Contract to add up to three (3)

additional terms, each not to exceed one year.

Compensation: Compensation cannot exceed a total of $116,999.00.


This RFP is only open to LBE businesses currently certified by the Procurement

Department. Applicants must certify their Local Business Entity status in the


opportunity details on eContract Philly. Applicants that are not LBE certified at

the time they submit their application are not eligible for this opportunity.

Information on LBE certification requirementsis available at:


Through this RFP, the City is seeking a consultant to provide marketing

campaign planning and management support for the Vision Zero Traffic

Safety Messaging Campaign. This includes the development and execution of a

campaign strategy, ad placement, as well as campaign management and analytics.

2.2 Project Details


Overall goals and objectives

The goal of the Vision Zero Traffic Safety Messaging Campaign is to educate Philadelphians about traffic safety, traffic laws, and promote safer travel behavior.

To accomplish this the campaign needs to connect March 2023 revision 8 with residents of Philadelphia through creative visuals and messages that are representative, recognizably local, and relevant to their experiences.

An initial list of topics and audiences for campaign planning and ad placement:

• Topics for People Driving

o Aggressive Driving

o Pedestrian Safety

o Impaired Driving

o Motorcycle Safety

o Bicycle Safety

• Topics for Pedestrians

o Pedestrian Safety

• Topics for People Riding Motorcycles

o Motorcycle Safety

• Topics for People Biking

o Bicycle Safety

In order to effectively promote these traffic safety topics please consider the following activities to be conducted as part of planning the campaign:

• Identifying specific audiences to maximize the relevant reach of each topic

• Assist the Vision Zero team in conducting surveys and/or focus groups, including working with our 2024 Vision Zero

Ambassadors to test messaging

• A research and message testing deep dive into a specific transportation equity related topic

Note: Final visual assets for the campaign will be produced by the Vision Zero team.

Tasks, milestones, or deliverables

• Meeting(s) to establish campaign goals and strategy.

• Workshop(s) to refine Vision Zero messaging.

• Focus group interviews and/or testing with Vision Zero Ambassadors and/or staff volunteers.

• A research and message testing deep dive into a specific transportation equity related topic with a memo created as a deliverable.

• Ad placement through existing accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Additional social and March 2023 revision 9 programmatic platforms as identified in campaign planning.

• Campaign management and reporting of performance metrics.

Organization and personnel requirements: 

Certified Local Business Entity (LBE)

Technological requirements N/A


Applicants are required to provide a cost proposal in their response which includes:

• A line-item breakdown of the costs for the specific services and work products proposed.

• A price that includes all costs, such as administrative or fringe costs, proposed to be

charged to the City.

Cost proposals typically are:

• Fixed price, where payment is not based on time or resources expended, or

• Hourly rate, where payment is based on time or resources expended.


Create a proposal for an initial budget of $50,000 with

options to scale if additional grant funds become

available, up to the contract maximum of $116,999.

Cost Proposal Type Fixed price

Terms of Payment Payment upon completion and approval of specified work. Payment in advance for ad purchase budget.

Please note travel costs are reimbursable only if approved by the Department and in accordance with current City policies; commuting costs are not reimbursable. The City has adopted the Federal Government Maximum Per Diem rate.

Project Schedule

Final schedule to be determined during Campaign planning:

• Contract Finalized – May 2024

• Campaign Planning, Messaging and Audience Research – May to August 2024

• Ad placement (not continuous) – August 2024 to April 2025

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