CITY OF PORTLAND Destination Brand Creation and Marketing Agency Services


Proposal Due: January 6, 2023, by 2:00 p.m. CT 

Submit Proposal to: City of Portland Attn: Annette Hall City Secretary 1900 Billy G. Webb Dr. Portland, TX 78374


  1. Background and General Information

1. About City of Portland

The City of Portland is a growing community on the Texas coast. Portland is located northeast of Corpus Christi and is surrounded by the Nueces and Corpus Christi Bays. The Port of Corpus Christi, La Quinta Channel and other industrial corridors surround Portland, as well. As a result, Portland’s population grew 30% between the 2010 and 2020 Census. The current population is approximately 22,000. For more information, please visit

2. About City of Portland Tourism

The City of Portland serves as the tourism marketing agency for Portland. The mission of our tourism marketing is to drive overnight visitors to Portland.

Note: Portland does not have an established Convention and Visitors Bureau or Visit Portland agency.

a. The City of Portland provides the community with marketing support for sports, natural resources, and industrial tourism. These industries support Portland with a positive economic impact to commercial businesses, restaurants, and residents. Specific activities performed by the City of Portland tourism marketing department include:

  • Promote the city as a year-round leisure tourism destination
  • Design and implement advertising campaigns with regional, state and
  • national coverage to feature Portland as an attractive location for tourism
  • Support special events that will create overnight visitors
  • Maintain tourism-related webpages on the City of Portland’s website
  • Serve as a point of contact for inquiries and information related to tourism
  • and travel-related business that brings visitors to Portland lodging facilities
  • Perform all responsibilities of tourism and marketing

b. The Portland tourism feeder cities include San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Rio

Grande Valley, and Dallas-Fort Worth.

c. Portland’s biggest draws for tourism are sports and outdoor leisure and


d. Portland is a drive market, with over 95% of travelers arriving via vehicular


  1. Scope of Work

1. The City of Portland is looking for a marketing agency to work in collaboration with the City

of Portland Marketing and Communications Department and other departments to develop

a Visit Portland brand, including, but not limited to:

a. logo;

b. brand guide,

c. strategic marketing campaigns – digital, social and print media collaterals, and

d. content for Visit Portland website webpages and materials.

2. The Visit Portland brand creation will also include creation of a sub-brand for the City of

Portland’s recently established Leisure Entertainment District (LED). The sub-brand includes

development of:

a. ideas for name of LED – community input will establish the final name

b. logo

c. brand guide

d. strategic marketing campaigns – digital, social and print media collaterals

e. content for LED-related webpages on the Visit Portland website.

3. All items listed above will be created with guidance from City of Portland Marketing and

Communications Department and must be approved by City Management.

Note: The City of Portland owns as the official Visit Portland website.

Therefore, the agency will not need to purchase a website domain. Additionally, the City of

Portland utilizes Knightstorm Productions, LLC for videography and photography needs. The

agency is encouraged, but not limited to, work with Knightstorm Productions for marketing

deliverables that involve videography and photography.

  1. Proposal Submittal Requirements

Proposal submittals shall include, at a minimum, the following:

  1. Agency Facts and History

Describe your firm’s and subcontractor’s experience including:

a. Experience withing with city, county or state-level destination marketing

b. Experience working with the City of Portland and/or tourism partners (if applicable)

c. Experience with strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of destination marketing

d. Experience working with coastal tourism partners and its advantages and challenges

e. Experience of key staff members that will handle the City of Portland account

2. Agency Narrative

Describe in narrative format your agency’s approach to city-level tourism brand creation and marketing. Include information on creative strategies, strategic planning, budgeting and execution of the creative conceptualization and planning.

Please include the following information on the agency’s approach to destination brand and marketing:

a. The agency’s process of developing a brand and accompanying marketing campaigns

b. What type of research the agency uses in determining effective marketing campaigns

c. The agency’s point of view on the future of advertising and how the agency helps their clients prepare for the future

d. Describe your agency’s philosophy on tourism marketing and promotions of digital, social, and print platforms.

  • What separates your agency from its competitors when creating brands,
  • strategic marketing plans and execution?

e. Standard practices for client communication and accountability

3. Reporting and Analytics

Describe in narrative format the agency’s reporting and analytics services for its clients. Please include the following information regarding the agency’s reporting process:

a. The agency’s preferred performance indicators

b. Preferred method of creating and presenting analytic reports

c. How the agency determines success based on analytics

d. How the agency converts insights from analytics and assists its clients in future campaigns

e. Samples of reports generated by the agency

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