CITY OF REDMOND Request for Proposals Destination Marketing and Management Services

Proposal Due: May 1, 2024 at 4:00 PM Pacific Time

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The Director of Communications is the issuing officer for this Request for Proposal (RFP):

Heather Cassaro

Director of Communications

Phone: 541-504-3031



The City of Redmond requests proposals for a Destination Marketing and Management

Services Contractor to operate under the Visit Redmond brand. The City is statutorily

required to re-invest 35.4% of Redmond room tax revenue into tourism promotion and

tourism related facilities (ORS 320.300 to 320.365). A percentage of this will be used to

pay the selected Contractor. The successful Contractor will create marketing content and

engage the community to maximize the generation of room tax revenue in support of the

City’s General Fund and Redmond’s tourism industry. In the 2024-25 fiscal year, the

projected funding for this work totals approximately $362,000. The successful contractor

will be awarded a three-year* contract. Detailed information regarding the requested

services can be found under Exhibit A – Scope of Work.

*The final decision on the Contractor and the Contract length is under the authority of the Redmond City Council Issuing Officer

Scope of Work

City code provides that up to 35.4% of the City’s total Room Tax collections must be

allocated to tourism promotion and/or tourism-related facilities. In the 2024-25 fiscal year,

the projected total for DMO service contract is $362,000. The Destination Marketing and

Management contractor (the Contractor) will be the strategic investor for the deployment

of City of Redmond room tax funds designated for tourism promotion and tourism related

facility development.

Operating as a DMO, the Contractor is tasked with creating and placing tourism promotion

content, developing Redmond as a tourism destination, administering grants, performing

research, and following industry trends. These efforts seek to meet the needs of the local

lodging industry in enhancing Redmond’s tourism industry while maximizing room tax

revenue for the City of Redmond.

General Provisions

The contractor shall provide the following services:

A. Tourism Marketing and Promotion

The Contractor will place advertisements and develop content to position Redmond as a tourist destination for key markets using historic trends, demographic data, and industry input to:

● Develop marketing content that highlights Redmond as a tourism destination, which may include original photography, articles, videos, and production of a digital/published visitor guide, and/or resources to attract and support Redmond visitors.

● Implement comprehensive social media and search engine optimization plans to highlight Redmond as a destination and position content online.

● Identify and manage third-party subcontractors, when necessary, for the creation and placement of advertisements and promotional efforts.

● Generate earned media and serve as a first point of contact for media inquiries relating to Redmond as a tourist destination.

● Monitor key performance metrics for marketing efforts, including but not limited to visitor statistics, website traffic, newsletter open rates, and social media impact.

● Buildout, operate, and maintain a comprehensive and mobile friendly website highlighting Redmond lodging operators, attractions, a calendar of upcoming events, and other relevant information for visitors.

B. Destination Development

Contractor will use tourism industry feedback to attract and retain special events and group


● Attracting special events that bolster shoulder season tourism and aligning with the key tourism markets and visitor demographics identified through market research.

● Attracting group business for Redmond lodging operators.

● Partnering with tourism stakeholders to identify issues impacting the industry and making targeted investments in new staff, programs, or other initiatives to address challenges.

● Identifying opportunities for investment of room tax funds for tourism related facilities or other allowable uses that drive continued growth in room tax revenue.

C. Industry Trends and Research

Contractor shall monitor tourism tax data and developments within the tourism industry, informing the City’s investments and providing regular reporting on trends:

● Produce regular reports on visitation data including vacancy rates, room tax revenue, and average daily lodging rates. These reports shall be presented to the City of Redmond Lodging & Tourism Advisory Committee as requested and annually to the Redmond City Council and/or Redmond Budget Committee.

● Maintain subscriptions to third party data sources providing insight into consumer trends, key markets, and visitor demographics.

● Develop relationships with state and regional tourism partners, to identify changes in the broader tourism industry and incorporate opportunities.

● Pursue new avenues for data collection and analysis on an opportunistic basis, including visitor surveys.

D. Community Responsiveness

The Contractor will serve as a primary point of contact for Redmond’s lodging industry, the City of Redmond, and the community in conversations relating to the investment of local room tax funds for tourism promotion and tourism related facilities:

● Development of an Annual Business Plan for review and concurrence by the City of Redmond Lodging and Tourism Committee and Redmond City Council, highlighting key metrics and goals for each fiscal year.

● Contractor’s Director/Principal or designee shall attend any City Council or City Committee meetings as requested by the City to provide updates, information, or other data on the Contractor’s plans or services. (approximately 4-6 annually, usually with a virtual option)

● Maintain a local presence to serve as an expert in local tourism discussions, forums and community events while providing timely responses to community questions and requests for information.

● Maintain relationships with Redmond lodging operators and other industry representatives to ensure room tax funds associated with their contract are invested in a manner that meets industry needs and is reflected in the annual

Business Plan.

● Partner with local and regional economic development organizations, including

EDCO, REDI and the Redmond Chamber of Commerce, to engage on shared

interests including airline service, workforce development, business tourism, etc.

E. Visitor Experience Development

The Contractor will explore creative strategies to enhance the Redmond visitor experience.

• Work to promote and develop sustainable travel practices, including addressing

resident concerns related to tourism; serving as an interface between visitors and

local businesses; work to develop new products and events, or improve existing

ones to meet the needs of both tourists and locals.

• Seek opportunities to bring together organizations that serve all aspects of the

visitor experience – from lodging providers, attractions operators, restaurants,

and retailers.

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