City of Spokane Purchasing Department Water Stewardship Media Campaign

PROPOSAL DUE DATE: Tuesday, July 25, 2023 TIME: 3:00 pm


We are working and living over our drinking water source- the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie aquifer. Studies have shown that the SVRP aquifer is an incredible resource that currently replenishes itself, and that the aquifer and surface waters – lakes, Spokane River and streams — are clearly intertwined. The region is growing fast, and ultimately there will be less water for industries and jobs, quality of life and recreation, and to drink.

Keeping our aquifer, the Spokane River, and our region’s wider network of waterways clean and safe for all our inhabitants and natural ecosystems is an essential part of the City’s sustainability efforts.

From the weather events and snowmelt that create seasonal stormwater that must be managed responsibly, to the reduction in overall water use (particularly during the hot summer months) all contribute to ensuring that Spokane’s natural resources are protected and conserved.

Precipitation that reaches hard ground surfaces becomes stormwater runoff, and this runoff has the potential to create flooding and contaminate downstream Waters of the State. As it flows over ground surfaces like roadways and parking lots, stormwater runoff picks up contaminants and can carry the pollutants with it as it makes its way to either the river or the aquifer. Stormwater is a concern because it can transport pollutants to the aquifer or surface waters. Stormwater runoff that is managed properly relieves downstream flooding and minimizes or eliminates stormwater pollution from reaching the river and/or aquifer.

Water Wise Spokane encompasses all things water related in the City of Spokane. Seasonal messaging provided by Wastewater Management includes stormwater pollution prevention, swale maintenance, wastewater systems and discharge.

Water Wise Spokane programs from the Water Department have been created to support efforts to reduce customer water use and utility bills year-round. This work includes rebates on water-efficient equipment upgrades, 1:1 sprinkler system reviews, commercial facility assessments, turf-replacement program, water-saving contests, and conservation public education.

No matter the authority, it will take individual buy-in and action to accomplish regional water conservation and preservation. This media campaign will particularly target City of Spokane residents.

The program’s priority audience is single family homeowners.

The Water Wise Spokane program has several existing ad campaigns, in which the successful proposer will need to work with the design elements – font, theme, and overall feel of current advertising materials will need to be used for any new graphics made. Existing campaign materials include:

• social media assets

• digital messaging

• branding packages

• library of professional photography

• videos and radio messages


The successful proposer will be required to work with staff to implement Strategic Public Education & Awareness Campaigns for the Water Wise Spokane Program. This includes the production of legacy media content for the City of Spokane website (program and department videos, video curriculum, etc.), promotional strategy, program development and reporting support.

Other deliverables include but are not limited to:

• design of graphics as appropriate

• photo, video and audio production

• media buys as appropriate

• frequent social media posting

• social media management

• digital ad management

• content creation

• tracking of reach, website views, and outcomes

The successful proposer may be asked to maximize the advertising budgets through sponsorships, public service announcement opportunities, or other promotional opportunities. They will be required to invoice and itemize deliverables, separated by the work for each department.

The audience consists of residents, homeowners, and businesses with outdoor landscaping in the region. Within the City, the message is more likely to resonate with commercial facilities and homeowners. file:///C:/Users/cbettencourt/Downloads/IRFP%20%235941-23%20Water%20Stewardship%20Media%20Campaign.pdf

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