The City anticipates awarding a contract to a marketing and graphic design services firm. The

anticipated start date is January 2022. The campaign must be finalized by the consultant in

order for the City to implement the campaign during the summer of 2022. The budget for the

project is approximately $45,000.


According to Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) crash data, the City of

Tacoma had 158 fatal and serious pedestrian and bicyclist collisions from 2015-2019. The

majority of these crashes occurred in areas of low opportunity as defined by the City of

Tacoma’s Equity Index. Among other challenges, low opportunity areas have more obstacles

and barriers to walking and rolling. These communities have limited access to institutional or

societal investments which limit quality of life. Data is not clear on the number of these collisions

that were speed related, but it is assumed Tacoma data is similar to Pierce County where 29

percent of all fatal and serious collisions are speed related.

In order to bring awareness to the importance of driving the speed limit, the City of Tacoma has

received grant funding from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC) to develop and

advertise a driver speed awareness campaign. Grant funding for this project is available from

October 1, 2021-September 30, 2022.

Scope of Work:

It is the City’s intent to select a consultant based on qualifications and abilities of the firm and key project individuals. The City of Tacoma is seeking proposals from qualified marketing and design firms to create a Driver Speed Awareness Campaign. The City of Tacoma will promote the campaign through targeted advertisements. The project goal is to increase desirable driving Request for Proposal Specification No. PW21-0722F Template Revised: 07/21/2021 habits related to speed. The target audience is vehicle drivers in Tacoma. This project is funded by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission through a grant awarded to the City and the chosen firm will be held to Federal Provisions outlined in Appendix A. The chosen firm will utilize the Positive Culture Framework (PCF) from the Center for Health and Safety Culture at Montana State University as a guide to develop messaging.

The framework is based on the latest research about improving health and safety and seeks to cultivate health and safety by building on shared values, beliefs, and attitudes that already exist in a culture to promote health and safety. The framework recognizes that the solutions are in the community. The chosen firm will organize and facilitate a focus group to provide insight for messaging. Using feedback received from the focus group, the firm will develop a marketing campaign, recommend advertising media, and create graphics for the chosen advertising media. It is anticipated that billboards, bus wraps, and yard signs might be used for promotion. Creativity for spreading the messaging is welcome. Finally, the firm will also transcreate and translate the messaging into the five most spoken languages in Tacoma besides English: Vietnamese, Spanish, Russian, Khmer, and Korean. It is recognized that not all advertising media might include translated messaging. The City and firm will work together to decide what media could be translated. The chosen firm should consider cost to develop the main message or key words into the five languages. Project Area Marketing will be targeted citywide with an emphasis in three areas of focus: • Area 1 generally around Hilltop Heritage Middle School (formerly Jason Lee), Bryant K8, Peck Field, and the 6th Avenue Business District • Area 2 generally around Whitman Elementary, Lincoln High School, Lincoln Park, Lincoln Business District • Area 3 generally around Fern Hill Elementary, Baker Middle School, Harmon Park, Fern Hill Business District

Due Date: 11:00 a.m., Pacific Time, Tuesday, November 30, 2021


By Email:

Agencies to consider include MWWPR and Edelman PR.

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