City of Oklahoma Issued RFP For Marketing, Public Relations and Development Services

City of Oklahoma Issued RFP For Marketing, Public Relations and Development Services

The purpose of this RFP is to obtain proposals to provide marketing, public relations, and web development professional services (herein after Consultant), for the Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Authority (herein after EMBARK) and its family of services – Bus, Streetcar, Bike Share, Ride Share, Downtown Parking, and Ferry.


EMBARK is planning to use a Consultant(s) to augment and support the organization’s marketing, design, communications, and web development staff. Examples of the work, while not all-inclusive, include an internal/external communications and marketing plan, graphic design, print production, creative concepts, branding, media buying, supplemental staff, copywriting, website development and support, animations, digital marketing, GIS map development and design, community outreach, focus groups, research, public meetings, media relations, public relations, corporate communications, speakers’ bureau, special events, wayfinding, and photography (including videography).

Scope of Work:

The Consultant will provide all professional, technical, clerical, subconsultant and subcontracting necessary to perform the tasks assigned and will function as an extension of EMBARK’s staff to enhance the technical and creative experience of EMBARK staff. Services will be both strategic and tactical.

EMBARK will request Consultant services on an as-needed basis. There is no guarantee that any or all of the services described in this RFP will be assigned during the term of the agreement. A primary agency is desired; however, multiple contracts may be awarded. The Consultant may include other agencies on its team. Further, the Consultant is providing these services on a nonexclusive basis. EMBARK, at its option, may elect to have any of the services set forth herein performed by other consultants or EMBARK staff. Also, EMBARK may elect to expand, reduce, or delete the extent of each work element described in this Scope of Services document.

Work task assignments normally take the form of long-term ongoing assignments; major project assignments; project review tasks; long-term specific tasks and short-term specific tasks. Work will be assigned, through a task order system and upon a budget check, is subject to the approval of EMBARK.

Consultants should demonstrate local and regional knowledge and experience with the target markets of EMBARK’s family of services.

Experience with public transit and municipal entities is a plus.

The following is a description of the general scope of work. It is recognized that major tasks will require a more detailed description of the scope of work for that task or project.

  1. Financial and Accounting Support Services
  2. Work with EMBARK to validate program requirements and budgets.
  3. Maintain up-to-date project accounts clearly showing expenditures to date and remaining balances.
  4. Update project accounts not less than once per month.
  5. Reconcile project accounts with EMBARK no less than once per month.
  6. All consultants will submit a report of monthly activities to EMBARK.
  7. Schedule Support Services
  8. Establish and maintain project schedule.
  9. Track and report progress of other consultants’ work.
  10. Monitor schedule compliance and reports any variances to EMBARK
  11. General Administrative Services
  12. Develop, implement and maintain a document control and filing system which shall govern the distribution and file copies of all program-related correspondence, reports, plans, creative data, etc., of the Consultant. Said system shall be subject to EMBARK approval. All program/project/art files/code/URLs shall be transferred to EMBARK upon completion of the work or as otherwise directed by EMBARK and are the property thereof.
  13. Comply with minority and small business participation programs, especially when outsourcing work.
  14. All outsourced work and companies used for same must be approved by EMBARK in advance.
  15. Attend program-related production meetings with EMBARK staff.
  16. Marketing, Advertising and Design Support Services (may be awarded separately)
  17. Marketing campaign development and implementation.
  18. Provide turnkey services for the production of EMBARK collateral materials.
  19. Provide design support to EMBARK for items not limited to signage, including way-finding, advertising, and displays.
  20. Advertising creative and media buying recommendations.
  21. Architectural renderings and animations.
  22. Construction specifications and drawings for signage.
  23. Presentation materials for use in presentations to the Board or the public, which may be boards, video, slides or other media.
  24. Brand management and development of new EMBARK services including the development and implementation of a communication plan for the new services.
  25. Project signage
  26. Photography, videography, and talent resources
  27. Copy writing, editing, social media response
  28. Special event support as needed for openings, ground breaking’s, anniversaries, trade shows, public meetings and the like.
  29. Public Relations Services (may be awarded separately)
  30. Writing and editing support for internal and external communications.
  31. Special event support as needed for openings, ground breaking’s, anniversaries, trade shows, public meetings and the like.
  32. Media relations support plans and strategy. Including pitching stories and media training.
  33. Develop and implement speakers’ bureau.
  34. Assist with social media monitoring and response.
  35. Monitor and advise regarding the climate about EMBARK and assist in positioning EMBARK to augment our strategic priorities.
  36. External Affairs Task Force

As a result of any contracts awarded from this solicitation, the contractors will be an extension of our team and will be required to work together as members of an External Affairs Task force. This team will meet at least quarterly to discuss projects, develop plans, assess campaign results, and identify opportunities. The responsibilities of this group include the following:

  1. Support for the development of a communication/marketing plan to advance strategic initiatives.
  2. Support media and community relations activities that include, but is not limited to, drafting of media releases, media kits, letters and public speaking notes and presentation materials.
  3. Support for the advancement of technology and web development to advance the strategic initiatives of the organization and customer demand.
  4. Identify strategic community partnerships and opportunities.
  5. Assist with the development and implementation of EMBARK speakers’ bureau.
  6. Attendance at meetings and response to pressing emails within 12 hours seven days a week.
  7. Development (may be awarded separately)
  8. Website design, development, and content support. Including microsites.
  9. Website will need to allow for third-party integrations, including trip planning, web forms, rider detours and alerts.
  10. Database and app development.
  11. Online store and e-commerce.
  12. Google maps management.
  13. Email newsletters
  14. Digital display development and planning

Due Date:

September 5th


Agencies worth considering includes Zeno Group and Hunter PR.

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