City of Perris Issues Government Relations & Lobbying RFP

City of Perris Issues Government Relations & Lobbying RFP

The City of Perris (“City”) is requesting proposals from firms to provide contracting services for government relations and lobbying services.


Perris covers approximately 33 square miles and is located 70 miles east of Los Angeles and 20 miles southwest of Riverside. The City offers a temperate Mediterranean climate with warm dry summers and mild winters. Demographically, Perris is an ethnically diverse community of approximately 75,739 residents, of which 73% are of Hispanic or Latino origin, and the average household size is 4.5 people.

The City of Perris was incorporated in 1911 under the general laws of the State of California and enjoys all the rights and privileges afforded to a general law city. The City is governed by a five-member City Council under the Mayor-Council-Manager form of government. Policy-making and legislative authority are vested in the City Council, consisting of the Mayor and four other members. Council Members are elected at-large and do not represent any one district or area within the City. The Mayor and Council Members are elected to a four-year term and the City does not have term limits. Regular elections are conducted in November of even numbered years. The City has approximately 103 employees and in-house services include construction and maintenance of City streets, economic development, parks, recreation and senior services, animal control, disaster preparation, as well as community development activities such as urban planning, building permits and inspections, and business licensing. The City contracts for police and fire protection, water and waste water services, City Attorney services, City Engineering services, and waste/recycling collection.

Since 2016, the City has seen a major uptick in sales tax revenues due to two major retailers/distributors (Wayfair and Home Depot) having a physical presence in the City. Economic development staff recently finalized a sales tax sharing agreement with TechStyle (Just Fab, Fab Kids, Fabletics) and is working to complete a new revenue sharing agreement with Ferguson Plumbing. In light of the new sales tax producers in the City and the major increase in sales tax revenues totaling approximately $4M-$5M per fiscal year, the City Council and Management have recognized the need to be proactive if legislation is presented that may threaten our newly achieved sales tax base. Sales tax revenues represent the largest general fund revenue type and much of the City’s recent growth in staff and services can be attributed to the additional revenues.

Although sales tax is a major concern of the City Council Members and Management, the City may also ask the chosen firm to assist in other legislative areas. Perris is interested in contracting with a highly qualified firm that can engage decision-makers on legislative and quasi-legislative actions. The City seeks the services of a government relations and lobbying firm that can serve as the conduit for communication with elected officials and other agencies.

As a registered lobbyist with the Secretary of State, the consultant will be bound by the Political Reform Act and the regulations of the Fair Political Practices Commission, including compliance with lobbying reporting requirements by filing disclosure reports on behalf of the City.

Scope of Work:

The Consultant will be responsible for monitoring, identifying and prioritizing challenges and opportunities for the City. These efforts may include the following:

  • Work with the City Council, the City Manager, and key staff to discuss goals, objectives, opportunities and priorities
  • Support a positive relationship with the Governor’s office, State Legislature, and any other State, County, or Local Agency as needed
  • Identify and monitor legislation and state regulatory processes, including pertinent administrative, legislative and regulatory matters that may impact the City
  • Provide legislative and regulatory lobbying, as needed
  • Engage key officials (executive, legislative and local government) and stakeholders to support the City’s objectives to secure permits, grants, incentives, and favorable laws and regulations
  • Pursue greater public funding for the City
  • Coordinate meetings with State Legislators and agency department leaders to provide the City the opportunity to meet face-to-face with key decision-makers on pertinent City issues
  • Assist with communications and messaging
  • Provide regular updates on the political landscape in Sacramento to help provide context, and identify opportunities and potential issues
  • Draft legislation and amendments, as necessary
  • Provide weekly written briefing reports for the City Council and City Manager on key issues and legislative committee activity during the legislative session
  • Lobby for the City’s position on legislation and regulatory matters of interest

Due Date:

October 18th


MWWPR and Edelman PR are PR firms with lobbying capabilities.

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