City of Phoenix Issues RFP for Media Monitoring.

The City of Phoenix is the largest municipality in the state of Arizona, and the fifth largest municipality in the United States, serving more than 1.62 million residents. Its workforce of over 14,000 employees provides a variety of services to meet residents’ needs, ranging from neighborhood development, recreation facilities and activities, aviation operations, recycling and public works projects, and more.

Phoenix has also become a destination of choice for organizations looking to host world-class sporting and cultural events. The Communications Office supports these activities with media relations and community outreach across all media platforms. As part of these responsibilities, staff regularly monitors coverage in local and national news outlets, across an array of industry publications, and online via the city’s many active social media accounts. These demands require a media monitoring platform which is adaptable to a diverse set of requirements for  television,  radio,  web  and  social media tracking, reporting  and  engagement.

The  City  is  seeking  established solutions to meet this business need in support of strategic communications that provides a cloud-based or online system for media monitoring and reporting services that is externally hosted and maintained. The service must provide the  ability to search, identify, gather measure, analyze, and report on coverage that the City receives across most traditional broadcast, online, trade and specialty publication websites  and social media channels.

Scope of Work:

  1. Provide externally hosted system that is maintained by the contractor, in a current system that has been in operation for at least three (3) years.
  2. Customize media monitoring services to fit the communications needs of the City, including setting up news monitoring search terms, identifying meaningful media metrics to use and statistics to track, and reporting to help the city and its stakeholders understand and validate its market visibility and viability.
  3. Solution shall be cross-browser compatible, such as with Edge, IE8 and above, Safari, Chrome, and FireFox
  4. Customize system templates, categories, and data. Contractor will ensure usage of all recent branding materials and that City logos, artwork, graphics, etc. are appropriately formatted and displayed for their intended use.
  5. Provide customized online and in-person training that fits the City’s needs and training objectives during implementation of the contract.
  6. Adhere to the agreed-upon timeline for implementation of the system and services.
  7. The contractor shall provide training for on the use and functionality of the system, with options for both live and on-demand online instruction.
  8. The contractor shall provide online training throughout the year to explain any upgrades or to fulfill the City’s training needs.
  9. Media Monitoring: The Contractor’s  services and system shall:
  10. Provide news monitoring and clipping service for print media.
  11. Monitor daily news/ media monitoring for national, regional and local news coverage.
  12. News/ media monitoring shall include monitoring of traditional print publications; local, regional and national trade publications; local, regional, and national newspapers,  magazines and other publications.

Service must include a minimum  of 500 mentions/ hits per month.

  1. Provide monitoring service for on line media.
  2. Monitor daily news/ media monitoring for national, regional and local on-line news coverage.
  3. News/ media monitoring shall include monitoring of traditional print publications;  regional and national trade publications; local, regional, and national newspapers, magazines, etc.

Service must include a minimum of 500 online media mentions/ hits per month

  1. Provide monitoring service  for broadcast media.
  2. Monitor daily television and radio broadcasts for national, regional and local broadcast and cablecast coverage.

Service must include a minimum of 250 television or radio broadcast mentions/ hits per month.

  1. Provide monitoring service for social media.
  2. Monitor social media outlets 24/7 to ensure that the City receives its mentions in the press, social media, biogs, message boards, and broadcasts.

Service must include a minimum of 1,000 social media mentions/ hits per month

  1. Mentions should be for the City of Phoenix, Arizona, as set by users.
  2. Monitor social media, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, lnstagram, Flickr, Linkedln , Digg, WordPress and other blog platforms, and Technorati and other Internet search engines for searching biogs.
  3. Monitoring will also include reader comments, discussion boards and other social media platforms.
  4. Provide monitoring services for any other news, online, or social media sources that the City requests at no additional charge.
  5. Have ability to pull in any other third-party content for monitoring and analysis, which would supplement any media or news not monitored by the system.
  6. Have the ability to add or request the addition of publications, broadcast outlets, websites and social media accounts to system coverage.
  7. Provide edited and/or unedited broadcast clips as requested by the City.
  8. Search results should include active links to the original articles where possible, to facilitate aggregation.
  9. Have ability to compile and distribute media mentions through e-mail.
  10. Provide integrated news archiving.
  11. Allows multiple users to create unique logins, each with unlimited queries within the system.
  12. Have ability to monitor unlimited keywords, with the ability to make edits, changes, and additions to the “keyword” list at any point throughout the duration of the contract with no additional fee. The targeted “keywords” will be provided by the City.
  13. Provide the ability to contact local Phoenix area news outlets, national and international media  outlets,  and maintain a database  of media contacts that is updated quarterly.
  14. Media Analytics reporting: contractor shall provide analytics reporting and individual measurement for all media types (print, online, broadcast, and social media)
  15. Track media mentions of topics that the city deems necessary, provide keyword search functionality, and the ability to generate reports based on those searches.
  16. The report must include: source name, source type or format, publication date, and URL/ Link.
  17. The report must have a capability to be copied and pasted into an Outlook email while retaining the format and functionality of the original report.
  18. Analyze news results and generate reports with charts and graphs.
  19. Provide analysis to include (but not limited to) advertisement equivalency rates, tone (positive/negative coverage), etc.
  20. Provide the ability to export media coverage for record-keeping, and the ability to analyze media mentions via dashboard functionality or similar, and provide for earned media calculations on that coverage, and deployment of analytics that apply standard industry metrics to review and synthesize  information that the system provides.

Due Date:

August 21, 2017


Kelie F. Thomas Procurement Officer
251 West Washington Street, 8th Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85003
Phone:  (602) 495-6954<

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