City of Port Colborne Issues Advertising RFP

This request for proposal (RFP) applies to all design, advertising, production and distribution for the City of Port Colborne’s Community Services 2018 & 2019 Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter Community Leisure Guides and 2018 & 2019 Visitors’ Guides. Proposals can be submitted for one year (2018) and/or two years (2018/2019). Each proposal will be evaluated separately. Proposals may outline provisions of ONE or ALL elements.

Scope of Work:

The project will be awarded to one proponent based on the project elements described below. The successful proponent will be required to incorporate Port Colborne’s existing branding strategy into any design, while maintaining a professional appearance throughout and utilizing images and content supplied by the contractor and the City. The successful proponent may sub- contract as much of the project as necessary.

Concept Development and Graphic Design:

Concept development and graphic design services for both the Community Services Leisure Guides and Visitor’s Guides will include front and back covers, matching interior accents and a magazine-styled layout. The successful proponent will be required to supply finished files in PDF and INDD format.

Proposals must include a rough outline of a theme for the design of the publication (which will remain the property of the designer/company pending execution of a partnership agreement).

Advertising Sales:

The successful proponent will be required to conduct sales of advertisements to local and regional businesses and/or tourism oriented businesses to appear in the Guide. Design work for advertisers may also be required.

Proposals must include rate card with the submission to ensure advertising is reasonable for local businesses. Proposals must have the opponent’s guarantee that businesses or organizations that may be perceived as offensive or partisan will not be solicited or provided the opportunity to advertise in the Guide. Proposals must also guarantee that no single advertiser or group of advertisers be promised any location in the Guides nor will ads be placed together based on organization or location. The City will have the final decision on where said advertisements are located throughout the Guide.

Production & Pricing:

The successful proponent will be required to produce and print the Guides. Production will include incorporating City-supplied editorial content into the magazine format. Photography in the guide will include images supplied by the City. The successful proponent should also have access to a library of parks, recreation and tourism-oriented, print ready photography should the City’s selection not be extensive enough.

Design & Layout – Minimum Standards:

Community Services Leisure Guides:

Produced twice annually, Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter the guide will incorporate a detailed and complete listing of opportunities provided by, but not limited to: the Vale Health and Wellness Centre, YMCA, Parks, Beaches, Facilities and Trails, Special Events, Marina, Golf Courses, the Algoport Skate & BMX Park, Community Groups, Minor Sports Associations, Service Clubs, as well as programs offered by the City of Port Colborne. The minimum standards for each Guide is:

  • Produced magazine size: 8.5 inches x 11 inches, portrait format
  • Page count: no less than 44 (excluding cover)
  • Cover paper weight: 80 lb glossy
  • Inside paper weight: standard newsprint
  • Colour: full colour throughout
  • Editorial to Advertising ratio: 60 % editorial; 40% advertising
  • Number of copies: 12,000 (approx.)
  • Delivery: Spring/Summer – mid/late March ; Fall/Winter – early September

Overall length of the guide is at the discretion of the City of Port Colborne.

Visitors’ Guides:

Produced annually, the minimum standards for each Guide is:

  • Produced booklet size: 7.5 inches by 5.25 inches, landscape format
  • Page count: 60 (excluding cover)
  • Cover paper weight: 80lb glossy
  • Inside paper weight: 44lb
  • Colour: full colour throughout
  • Editorial to Advertising ration: 60% editorial; 40% advertising
  • Number of copies: 20,000
  • Delivery: Early May

Added-value Services:

Proposals should also identify ways that proponents can add value to this project using existing products and services offered by the proponent.

  • Examples of added-value services include:
  • Distribution of select number of Visitors’ Guides to tourism information centres in Niagara.
  • On-line hosting of Leisure Guides and Visitors’ Guides in “digital flip book” format.
  • Port Colborne advertisements (parks, recreation, tourism) in Southern Ontario publications (print or on-line).
  • Editorial about Port Colborne (parks, recreation, or tourism) in Southern Ontario publications (print or on-line).

Due Date:

January 5th, 2018


PR Firms with a Canada presence include Cohn & Wolfe.

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