The Public Affairs director will oversee the contract of this RFP. The purpose is to promote Roswell  as a travel and professional business meeting destination and work with the City to develop promotional materials and marketing strategies that attract visitors from around the world and that encourage overnight lodging.

Marketing strategies developed include, but are not limited to:

  • Media placements
  • Public relations activities
  • Tourism event coordination and promotion
  • Marketing tools and promotional collateral distributed via the Visitors Center & Roswell Convention & Civic Center (i.e. visitor brochures, videos, maps, etc).

In addition, the contract of this RFP may include promotion of City departments including the Roswell Police Department and other services offered to the community. The primary source of the City  of  Roswell’s  tourism  marketing budget is directly derived from Lodgers’ Tax, and a small contribution from the State of New Mexico Tourism Department as well a small portion from the general fund. The funding source for City departments will come from the general fund Advertising and Publication budget.


The City of Roswell is centrally located in the Pecos Valley and serves as the hub of Southeastern New Mexico with its easy proximity to skiing, outdoor adventure and art. After swimming the waters surrounded by red cliffs at Bottomless Lakes State Park, it is a quick trip to viewing more than 11,000 works of art and historical materials of the Southwest at the Roswell Museum and Art Center. Roswell boasts a rich history, with its beginnings in the discovery of a major aquifer to being the birthplace of modern rocketry, and, whether you believe it or not, the UFO crash of 1947. Roswell offers all the natural landmarks, history and culture. The City of Roswell’s 10-member Council is composed of individuals from 5 wards throughout the City of Roswell.

Scope of Work:

For each of the following project areas, the Offeror should prove capability; describing strategies to  be used and quality controls. Sufficient detail must be given and must include examples of past projects, ability to meet deadlines, and managerial experience. The Offeror should demonstrate knowledge and understanding of brand in a global marketplace, and the shifting dynamics of how consumers receive and use information today.

Strategic Partnership: Work in collaboration with the Public Affairs department to determine effectiveness of ad concepts based on engagement and experiences, integrated, brand attributed to service, quality and innovation that will support the City of Roswell’s economic development, tourism and brand identity. Support the City of Roswell and aid in grant applications, events and co-operative programs. Executing and tracking results while exemplifying financial integrity of the City of Roswell funds.

Marketing, Promotional and Advertising Planning: Develop recommendations for a Marketing and Advertising Plan that supports the strategies set forth by the City of Roswell’s Public Affairs department. Includes strategic direction, creative strategy, brand development and stewardship, media plan and cooperative plan.

Media Planning, Buying & Placement: Buy and execute the media plan presented in the Marketing and Advertising Plan and approved by the Public Affairs department. Execution includes placement, optimization, cancellations and auditing. The Public Affairs director will sign all advertisement agreements/insertion orders, handle billing and payment.

Concept Development/Production: Concept creative materials/campaign elements (print, online, digital, etc.) as described in the Marketing and Advertising Plan. Once approved, produce and bring to final form the approved advertising materials to run on behalf of the City of Roswell.

Research and Analytics: Provide an overview of Campaign successes and opportunities. Reports and trends in the market place and competitors. Provide analytical tools or services that will be useful to information to plan and report back to the City of Roswell.

Due Date:

March 16th


City of Roswell

Office of the Chief Procurement Officer

P.O. Box 1838

Roswell, NM 88202-1838

PR agencies with government experience include APCO Worldwide.

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