City of Tempe Issues Advertising Agency RFP

City of Tempe Issues Advertising Agency RFP


Purpose / Background:

The purpose of this RFP is to solicit proposals from experienced firms specializing in media planning, ad concepting, ad production, placement (insertion orders and monthly distribution of ads to media outlets), monitoring and evaluating paid media with an emphasis on creative, strategic approaches to garner positive public perception and increase program usage. Two divisions (Transportation & Field Operations – Solid Waste) within the Tempe Public Works Department will be part of this RFP. Each division has different target markets, budgets and program goals.  For the Transportation Division, the goal is to attract new transit riders, maintain current transit riders, increase ridership and participation in the transportation program and enhance the perception of transportation in the community.

For the Field Operations – Solid Waste Division, the goals are to expand our customer base in commercial and roll-off services available to customers/residents throughout the City of Tempe and to educate the public on Council adopted diversion goals, familiarize the public with our range of solid waste and diversion products and how to properly recycle materials utilizing the different programs offered by the City. In addition, the city operates a golf enterprise fund with two municipal golf courses, Ken McDonald and Rolling Hills. The goal would be to ensure we are both capturing our market share of play and growing our youth and non-traditional play demographic.

Scope of Work:

Transportation Target Markets

The target market consists of three target audiences within the Tempe community:

  • Adults 25 and older
  • Teens ages 13 to 18
  • ASU students ages 18 to 24

Field Operations – Solid Waste Target Markets

The target market consists of four target audiences within the Tempe community:

  • Commercial businesses
  • Apartments – five units and above (MFLU)
  • Residential – four units or less
  • Golf – Residents and golfers who reside within a five-mile radius of Tempe, youth and female golfers.

Key Messages to Promote

Solid Waste

  1. Riding the bus, bike or taking light rail
  2. Transit Service Changes
  3. Youth Transit Pass Program
  4. Dump the Pump Day/Car Free Day
  5. Bike Month
  6. Bike Hero Program
  7. GRID Bike Share
  8. Bike Registry
  9. Adopt-A Street or Path
  10. Street Closure Notifications
  11. Save Money and Recycle Tempe (SMART) program
  12. Golf Tempe
  13. Bulk trash separation
  14. Diversion goal(s)
  15. Alley responsibility
  16. Roll-off services
  17. Commercial services


Proposals should include a detailed budget with proposed Agency costs included as a monthly retainer. For Transportation, a maximum total of $323,500 will be spent annually on both the agency retainer AND total net media placement fees as determined in the media plan. The retainer should include those items listed below. For Field Operations – Solid Waste, a maximum of $50,000 will be spent annually on both the agency retainer AND media placement.

Please provide separate costs for the following for each division:

  • media planning
  • ad concepting
  • ad production (excluding video)
  • media buy monitoring and evaluating Agency will:
  • negotiate media placement directly with vendors and sign contracts on behalf of the City,
  • work directly with the media vendors on creative delivery, and
  • send the City a monthly invoice for its retainer and media placement fees with back up documentation from the paid media vendors.

Agency will be responsible for the following aspects of media buying:

  • Development of media plan with number of impressions and reach
  • Purchase
  • Placement
  • Verification
  • Monitoring
  • Analysis


  • Agency will provide a media analysis on monthly basis.
  • Agency will include measurement of the effectiveness of the paid media.
  • Agency representatives will attend two Tempe Board & Commission meetings annually.

Due Date:

April 2nd, 2018


P.O. Box 5002,

Tempe, AZ 85280


MDC Owned Allison+Partners has an Arizona office.

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