City of West Des Moines Seeks Lobbying Company

The City of West Des Moines is soliciting proposals for professional lobbying services to the City. The City is seeking a firm to represent their interests to the Executive and Legislative Branch of Iowa State Government during the 2018 Legislative Session and throughout the interim period. Firms experienced in representing local government issues, regional collaboration, and economic development are encouraged to apply. Contract term will be January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018.

Scope of Work:

Services during Legislative Session:

The representative or team of representatives will be asked to assist or coordinate the following activities:

  • Assist the City in the development of legislative agenda or guidelines for the 2018 Legislative Session;
  • Monitor and track legislative activity;
  • Recommend strategies on pertinent issues with the Legislative and Executive Branches;
  • Set up and participate in formal and informal meetings with key decision makers, legislators, and other influential persons;
  • Provide regular (weekly) legislative updates through written and/or oral briefings to City Staff and Elected Officials;
  • Furnish the city with relevant copies of legislative work products such as bills, amendments, committee reports, testimony and media releases;
  • Assist the City with the development of communications (talking points or press releases) relative to legislative issues;
  • Collaborate with other interest groups that support local government entities or large cities;
  • General monitoring of interim committees and maintaining legislative contacts.

Services during Legislative Interim:

  • As requested by the City, monitoring the Administrative Rules Review Committee, lobbying specific interim committees, and relevant executive branch agencies including the Governor’s Office.
  • Furnishing legislative and executive branch work products and reports on activities relevant to the City’s governmental relations objectives including meeting with the City staff, elected and appointed officials, and citizen groups as requested.

Due Date:

November 3, 2017


City of West Des Moines City Hall
4200 Mills Civic Parkway
West Des Moines, Iowa

Strong lobbying companies include APCO Worldwide and Burson Marsteller.

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