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Coachella California

The City of  Coachella, California is a full service  city  and  one  of  the  fastest  growing communities in the state.  With 46,000 residents, the city’s population double in the past 10 years and it has also seen its profile grow exponentially over the last decade with the Coachella name being recognized internationally. A “City of Eternal Sunshine” with a small town atmosphere, The City’s Economic Development Department is seeking a branding and marketing firm.

The assignment includes: developing various marketing materials, which includes a logo tag-line and branding adaptation components.   Initial efforts to research and define an overall branding effort that reflects the current community while recognizing the City’s emerging regional, national and international appeal as a location for investment in tourism and hospitality business sectors.  This local dynamic and community evolution makes a strong case for investment in our City.

Task No. 1 ‐ Research and Foundation

This task encompasses the initial research necessary to define branding and marketing components.  It  is  anticipated  that  the  selected  consultant  will  review  existing  branding in the region and utilize this information as well as their experience and expertise to build strategies and tactics to organically embed our messaging into the community, internally and externally, with a message that resonates regionally, nationally and internationally.


  • Develop  both  short  and  long  term  branding  strategies  and  tactics,  including  a timeline.

Task No. 2 ‐ Branding & Message Development

In this phase of the project, the selected consultant will create the messaging, the expression of brand  standards,  and  visual  elements  that  will  effectively  communicate the City’s emerging identity to target audiences.  Messaging should connect to the hearts and minds of our internal and external audiences and be believable, relevant and simple.

Consistency  will  be  a  key,  but  a l s o  flexibility  that  allows  use  by  the  wide  variety  of departments, programs and services that make up the City is important.  Visual elements will include a new casual logo, graphics, colors, fonts, graphic style and elements that are adaptable for use across a variety of collateral and media applications, including social media and the City website.


Style guide with visual and graphic standards, including proper logo uses:

  • Casual Logo
  • Logo tag-line
  • Transparent logo, to use on both light and dark colored backgrounds
  • 2-color logo
  • Grayscale logo
  • Engraved logo

Templates for common needs to include but not limited to:

  • City Letterhead
  • City Fact Sheet
  • Marketing folder design
  • PowerPoint master
  • Newsletter
  • E-Newsletter
  • Advertising templates and concepts
  • Legislative fact sheet
  • Construction fact sheets
  • Press Releases
  • Webpage colors
  • Pipeline colors
  • City signage
  • Education materials
  • Miscellaneous templates
  • Design trade show display

Task No. 3 ‐ Strategic Brand Implementation & Community Engagement

This task will define the activities designed to effectively establish the City’s new brand identity organically to internal and external audiences as well as identify ongoing strategies for communicating, maintaining and enhancing the brand’s value over the first three years following the introduction. These strategies should:

  • Prioritize both short and long-term strategies and tactics, including a timeline.
  • Present various strategies and a variety of communication tools to roll out organically to engage the City’s internal and external customer demographic audiences.
  • Enable audiences to connect and interact with the City and use feedback to further build City’s brand.
  • Provide opportunities for top identified stakeholders and other defined target audiences to become advocates.
  • To ensure effective implementation, the brand strategy should recommend methods for tracking results and measuring success with target audiences.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Tracking & Measurement Recommendations

RFP is due by March 29 to:

City of Coachella

Economic Development Department

Attn: Mark Weber

1515 Sixth Street

Coachella, CA 92236

(760) 398-3502 x 124


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